How much does it cost to manufacture a stainless steel water bottle?

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What is stainless steel water bottle

There’s different types of water bottle including of stainless steel water bottle, plastic water bottle, glass water bottle, and silicone water bottle etc.

The stainless steel water bottle has 2 different types;

  • single wall stainless steel water bottle
  • double walls stainless steel water bottle

It mainly made by kitchen food grade stainless steel 18-8 (SUS304) for the bottle container body, and plastic or stainless steel with silicone sealing gasket for the the bottle lid/cap.

With double wall stainless steel bottle which can keep water hot 12 hours up and ice cold 24 hours up anywhere, nowadays it is more and more popular in the gobal markets.

The single wall stainless steel water bottle
What is vacuum insulated water bottle made of, how it works

How it works

How a double wall stainless steel water bottle keeps water hot 12 hours up and ice cold 24 hours up?

There’s a vacuum insulated layer between the double walls to prevent energy transportation from the outside to bottle or inside of the bottle to outside, to maintain the temperature inside of the water bottle to be same as long as you wish to have in daily hydration drinking anywhere.

Insulated water bottle is made from double walls stainless steel with vacuum insulation technology, the Vacuum insulation is not a new technology that was invented by Sir James Dewar in 1892, an insulated bottle consists of two walls stainless steel, placed on within the outer and joined at the neck. The gap between the two walls is partially evacuated of air, creating a near-vacuum which significantly reduces heat transfer by conduction or convection.

How Much Does It Cost to Manufacture a Stainless Steel Water Bottle?

When you need to create a custom design stainless steel water bottle, you should need to know How Much does it cost for manufacturing a hydro flask water bottle? and what can affect the cost?

In this situation, you are in right place here that we Ecoway Houseware Limited can help you to find out the important thing you should know about Stainless Steel Water Bottle Manufacturing prices costs.

The stainless steel water bottle cost can be vary different depending on what is your custom parts design and the order quantities. 

There are some basic information of stainless steel bottle pricing you need to know. For example, product design cost it will begin when you set up the project even it’s not start production; the material not only affect the quality also it is the main cost of your custom bottle products; the order quantities could affect a lot of the whole cost, and affect the shipment cost for your water bottle products;

You also need to think about:

  • The timing of your order
  • The cost of using surface treatment
  • Labor costs
  • Any additional cost such as packing cost, shipment cost

To understand more, let’s take a look at each of the things that affect Stainless Steel Water Bottle pricing.

Skinny Tumblers Stainless Steel tumbler with straw Powder Coating

The cost of material

The main material list of stainless steel water bottle:

1. Bottle body: stainless steel 18-8 (SUS304), SUS201; 

Most of water bottle and other kitchen houseware brands, their products are using stainless steel 18-8(also name SUS304), it is widely use in different products with good rust resistance, food grade, bpa free, non-toxic, reusable, recycle, environment friendly features.
2. Bottle cap/lid: plastic (polypropylene or tritan, AS), stainless steel
Most of the bottle caps are using polypropylene plastic material, it is durable, recycle, food grade, bpa free, widely use in tableware products.

Now we can see some stainless steel water bottle designs started to develop the bottle cap/lid with stainless steel or Tritan material to present high end quality symbol. 

3. Seal gasket: solid silicone, liquid silicone

We need to know it must have a soft seal gasket for the stainless steel water bottle to prevent water leaking issue, and it can be make with two types of silicone material, both are food grade, bpa free and reusable, and most of stainless steel water bottle are using solid silicone for better cost.

The cost of your material is often given per g. The cost of main materials for stainless steel water bottle are:

  • Stainless steel costs $0.005 per g
  • polypropylene costs $0.002 per g
  • AS costs $0.0025 per g
  • TRITAN costs $0.005 per g
  • Silicone costs $0.003 per g

It’s important to know there would have material waste in the beginning of each time production, means your order quantities is bigger, then the average waste of raw material for each product is less.

The cost of different order quantities

  1. The order quantities would have big impact of production  manufacturing cost, therefor would affect the cost each stainless steel water bottle;

There’s different quantities in general to know how much of the prices change for your order:

  1.  MOQ 3000PCS
  2. 10000PCS (1% cost down)
  3. 30000PCS (2% cost down)
  4. 50000PCS (2.5% cost down)
  5. 100000PCS (3% cost down)
As you can see, the bigger volume of your water bottle order quantities, the more cost you can save.
Also you can save shipment cost a lot with different quantities, for a standard size 17oz/500ml stainless steel water bottle, you can choose shipment as follow;
  1. less then 100pcs; ai shipment, fast but expensive
  2. 100~3000pcs; sea shipment LCL slow and expensive
  3. 15000pcs; sea shipment FCL 20″ GP container, slow and cheap
  4. 30000pcs; sea shipment FCL 20″ GP container, slow and very cheap

The timing of your order

When your stainless steel bottle order quantities is small, with urgent time, the prices would higher than usual.

When your order is one time order and with urgent time, the prices would higher than usual.

The cost of different surface finish:

We can do different custom surface treatment for your stainless steel water bottle inside or outside depends on your design needs.

There’s no plate charge cost when you only want to apply different Pantone color with Spray painting, powder coating, UV plating.

It would have plate charge cost when you want to have different graphic decoration for your custom design water bottle with different techniques, such as logo printing, logo embossing, water transfer, heat transfer printing, spray transfer printing, air transfer printing etc.

The plate charge cost will start from 30USD to 500USD, sample lead time from 3 days to 15 days.

Here we have cost lists for different surface treatment of stainless steel water bottle:

1. Spray painting: 0.15USD/each color

2. Powder coating: 0.50USD/each color

3. Heat transfer printing: 0.15USD(painting base) + 0.10USD (printing)

4. Painting transfer printing: 0.50USD

5. Water transfer printing: 0.40USD

Here you can find out different surface treatments for custom graphic……

07 Custom decoration for your stainless steel bottle
09 Custom decoration for your stainless steel bottle

Thinking of labour cost

The labour cost does keep increasing year by year, we need to thinking of the labour cost from the bottle design to reduce the product unit cost by use less hand make manufacturing process.

Additional cost

  • Packaging cost; with some special products which need a custom design packaging of course will cause additional cost.
  • Shipment cost; air shipment, sea shipment, express shipment is different cost per KG, we are working with DHL/FEDEX/UPS and other forwarder to have competitive cost for your shipment.

The production manufacturing process

how to custom insulated water bottles
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  1. Purchase raw material
  2. Cutting stainless steel tube
  3. Shape forming with water swelling ( or deep drawing forming)
  4. Cutting into 2 pieces
  5. Mouth forming with threads
  6. Matching and welding the mouth of stainless steel flask (the out wall and inner wall join together then do Laser welding)
  7. Welding the bottom cap and with an attachment of Getter 
  8. Vacuum process inside the vacuum machine around 4 hours to create vacuum insulated layer between the double walls stainless steel
  9. Vacuum Test (measure the stainless steel vacuum flask is good quality or faulty on vacuum insulation) 100%
  10. Electrolysis for the inside of the stainless steel vacuum insulated flask (it can clean the dirty to have nice surface, also create a layer on the inner surface to have good corrosion prevention)
  11. Inspection of electrolysis quality 100%
  12. Polishing the surface of outer wall of the stainless steel insulated flask
  13. Inspection of Polishing quality 100%
  14. Vacuum insulation test 100% second time
  15. Decoration (spray painting, powder coating, water transfer painting, heat transfer printing, logo printing or laser engraving etc.)
  16. Assembly with caps, cleaning, inspection, packaging
  17. Out going final QC inspection

Get your custom insulated water bottle

We Ecoway Houseware Limited has sales & engineer team to support you to develop a custom design stainless steel water bottle from concept design, prototype sample, tooling development, trial run production, mass production to final shipment with high quality products and fast delivery, here you can reach us to get a quote to know how much to manufacture your stainless steel water bottle.

  1. Double wall insulated water bottles
    1. 01. Customized Water bottles with pictures
      1. Custom water bottles Labels
      2. Custom Engraved Water bottles
      3. Custom embossing insulated water bottles
  2. 02. Custom color insulated water bottle
  3. 03. Personalized insulated water bottles in bulk
  4. 04. Build tooling to make a custom insulated water bottle
  5. Custom packaging insulated water bottle

The important thing you should know

Question and Answers

You can email to us with your question or requirements any time, and we will reply to you within 24hours

MOQ:3000pcs each color each design bottle tumbler

Sample payment: 100%

Tooling payment:50% deposit, 50% balance after sample approval

Product order payment: T/T 30% deposit, 70% after pre-shipment inspection

It’s no problem to arrange third party inspection before shipment, please book the inspection date 7 days in advance

Bottle: double wall stainless steel 18-8

Lid: Tritan or Polypropylene

Gasket: silicone

100% food grade, BPA Free, FDA/LFGB comply

Color: Pantone Number

Logo: AI


Sample lead time: 7days

Tooling lead time: 30~45days

Production lead time: 30days

Usually we book the shipment with your appointed forwarder, or can ship to your warehouse with our shipment company

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