Yeti Dog Bowl Reviews: How It Works and How It is Made?

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What is the purpose of a yeti dog bowl?

What Are the Benefits of Yeti Dog Bowl?

A yeti dog bowl saves you from having to clean up your dog’s hair, hairballs, and other messes that are left on the floor. The best thing about these pet bowls is that they are easy to clean. There are no hard edges or corners that can harbor dirt and bacteria.

What Are the Benefits of a Yeti Dog Bowl?

-Save money on cleaning supplies

-Save time worrying about digestive problems caused by ingesting foreign objects

-Reduce the risk of your dog choking or other health issues

What is the purpose of yeti dog bowl?

Yeti dog bowls have a pretty simple purpose – to keep your pet cool during eating. They can be purchased in a variety of sizes and shapes, and can be used as an outdoor or indoor decoration.

Some people like to use the bowl as a place for their pets to rest. Others may opt for the bowl as a planter for their plants, or as a gift idea for those who love their pets.

Yetis are known for their high end quality and heavy durable stainless steel drinkware. This makes them to design and produce a durable double-walls stainless steel dog bowls for pets to eat and drink.

Yeti bowls have been a popular dog bowl for a while now. These bowls are made from a durable stainless steel 18-8 that won’t rust or corrode. They also come in a variety of colors and designs that will suit your pet’s taste.

If you’re wondering whether the Yeti dog bowl is safe for your pet, the answer is due to it is made from double walls of stainless steel 18-8 without any toxic and it is completely safe for both food and water contact.

a YETI DOG BOWL is made from double walls of stainless steel which can keep water cold for hours, it’s not vacuum insulated, but still with a insulated space between the double walls that helps to stop heat transfer from inside to outside, so the yeti dog bowl it can keep water stays cold, but do not expect to keep water cold for a long period due to there’s no cover lid for the yeti dog bowl, and the bowl’s opening mouth size is big that is easy to let water become lukewarm.

Some people might be skeptical about the idea of washing a dog bowl in a dishwasher. They might think that it won’t be safe if the bowls are hard to detach from the base.

So can you wash Yeti dog bowls in dishwasher?

The answer to this question is yes. I have had my Yeti dog bowls for over a year now and they have held up well.

The best way to wash your Yeti dog bowls is by hand. If you are in a hurry, putting it on the top rack of the dishwasher can work well too. The dishwasher will just cause scratches on the bowls which may eventually lead to damage in the long term.


How stainless steel dog bowl is made?

The yeti dog bowls are made from double walls of stainless steel 18-8, and there are three main production steps to manufacture a yeti dog bowl: Deep Drawing Forming of stainless steel; Welding the double walls of stainless steel; Powder Coating on the surface of stainless steel.

  • Deep drawing forming: the stainless steel sheet needs to be drawing forming to the shape of bowl step by step machinery, to manufacture the inner bowl and outer bowl, then cutting the edge of bowls to a design dimension.
  • Welding: the inner bowl and outer bowl join together then welding on the top, then created an insulated space between the double walls to have insulation to  keep water cold for your dogs.
  • Powder Coating: it’s a very durable and dishwasher safe surface treatment for yeti dog bowl, that apply colorful powder and curing it in high temperature condition.
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