How is a stainless steel water bottle made?

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Why We Love Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Table of Contents

The Future of Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

It keeps water cold

People are maniacs for cold water, that’s one of the big things a Stainless Steel Water Bottle can offer—which is a double-walled, insulated bottle—changed from the days of plastic bottle. 

how does swell bottles work

How it works

A double-walled thermos works by eliminating solid conduction between the inner wall and the outer wall.

A vacuum between those walls stops gas convection from occurring, and so it helps keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

A copper lining that improves hot/cold retention around 10~15% performance.

double wall stainless steel water bottle
how stainless steel bottle vacuum flask works

Make it last

Dish-washing is the scourge of double-walled insulation. The heat can damage the vacuum, so it’s best to hand-washing this water bottle. This is where simplicity reigns supreme, since bottles with fewer moving parts become easier to scrub.

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