Why is stainless steel water bottle rusting?

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Why is stainless steel water bottle rusting?

Why is stainless steel water bottle rusting?

It appears rusting inside of the stainless steel water bottle which seems un-healthy and un-safety to keep drinking water with the bottle.

Here’s the question “Why is stainless steel water bottle rusting?”.

1. There’s many different grades of stainless steel, as we widely knows we should choose Stainless Steel 18-8 (SUS 304) kitchen food grade or SUS 316 medical grade raw material made, a poor quality raw material made stainless steel bottle would easy to have rusting whatever you clean the bottle or keep inside the bottle.

2. There’s a electrolysis coating on the surface of inside the stainless steel bottle which can keep it away from rusting, but wrong cleaning method would damage the electrolysis surface which is one of the reason why rusting, you can refer here to know HOW TO CLEAN STAINLESS STEEL BOTTLE?

TIPS what we can'T put into stainless steel bottle

Tip 01: Dry ice, carbonated drink

Dry ice and carbonated beverages should not be placed in the thermos to avoid the danger of rising internal pressure, causing the bottle stopper to fail to open or the contents to spray out

Tip 02: Not suitable for making tea

If you use a thermos cup to make tea, so the tea leaves in high temperature and constant temperature water for a long time, just like boiling with warm fire, a lot of vitamins in the tea will be destroyed, aromatic oils will be volatilized, tannin will be leached out. The nutritional value of tea is reduced, the tea juice is unscented, the tea tastes bitter and astringent, and even because of the long steeping time, the tea may release heavy metals, which is harmful to health.

In addition, the thermos stainless steel cup will change color when keeping hot tea for a long time

Tip 03: Liquids that are not suitable for saline (such as salt water)

Because the inner container of the thermos is sandblasted and electrolysis, the electrolysis inner container can avoid the direct contact between water and stainless steel material to cause physical reaction, and the corrosiveness of salt may cause damage to it, so it is not suitable to be installed in the thermos for a long time.

Tip 04: Not suitable for milk, dairy products, juice

Some people put hot milk in a vacuum flask, which is convenient to take with them to drink. However, this practice allows the microorganisms in the milk to multiply rapidly at a suitable temperature, leading to corruption and easily causing diarrhea and abdominal pain.

In the high temperature environment of milk, vitamins and other nutrients will be destroyed. At the same time, the acidic substances in the milk will also chemically react with the inner wall of the vacuum flask, which will affect human health.

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