Why is my Hydro Flask coming from China?

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Why is my Hydro Flask coming from China?

When you buy hydro flask water bottle from Amazon or other on-line shop, you must confirm the shop is authorized by Hydro Flask, or you can not get lifetime guarantee for any manufacturing defect / shipping damage of your bottle.

There are many sellers are selling fake hydroflask water bottle due to there’s good profit margin to sell fake one, it’s no doubt that you buy a fake hydro flask if they are shipped from China directly when you purchase one from on-line shop, because Hydro Flask water bottles are made in China but they don’t ship from China to customer directly, it must be shipped from local distributors.

So why is your hydro flask coming from China? Because it is Made in China, and it is confirmed all Hydroflask water bottles are Made in China, no need to waste time to source if there any Hydro Flask made in USA.

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Why Hydro Flask made in China

The reason why Hydroflask water bottles made in China, it is because China has all resources for manufacturing the metal bottle products, and have big cost advantage based on its stainless steel material cost, labour cost, and fast delivery timing based on its completed supply chain and rich experience engineer technique to develop new design metal bottle to mass production, then final shipment to markets.

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