Why hydro flask so expensive and why it is so popular?

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How much of a Hydro Flask?

How much of a Hydro Flask

We can buy a Hydro Flask from its on-line shop, also from Amazon, let’s see how much of a Hydro Flask that you should pay for on Amazon.

You can buy a hydro flask with prices range from 29$ to 65$ in the United States.

12 oz. kids hydro flask: 38.87$

18 oz. flex cap standard mouth hydro flask: 29.95$

21 oz. sport cap standard mouth hydro flask: 35.95$

20 oz. flex cap wide mouth hydro flask: 37.95$

32 oz. flex cap wide mouth hydro flask: 44.95$

40 oz. flex cap wide mouth hydro flask: 49.95$

64 oz. flex cap wide mouth hydro flask: 64.95$

Wow, that’s so much expensive buy a hydroflask water bottle.


Why Hydro Flask So Expensive And Why It Is So Popular?

HYDRO FLASK water bottles are some of the most expensive stainless steel insulated water bottle on the market costing way more than other brands. But why are Hydro FLask water bottles so expensive and Why it is so popular?

We Ecoway Houseware Limited as a professional stainless steel water bottle manufacturer in China, we do understand how much cost to made a hydro flask water bottle, it’s no much difference from other brands of metal bottle, that a best selling of hydro flask 32 oz. at 44.95$ is typically cost 4.00$~5.00$ per bottle when purchase bulk quantities “a 20GP container to start” from hydroflask manufacturer supplier in China, now you can see it’s 10 times money you paid for a hydro flask in the market, of course there are other cost of shipment and customs, and distribution etc.

Because the manufacturing processes is same, and the raw material is same, only the TempShield lid of Hydro Flask is different from other top metal water bottle brands, we tested multiple ice retention tests with hydro flask water bottles as well as other brands in look at the quality, that usually based on same size, same bottle opening, and same test conditions, here’s what we found:

HYDRO FLASK water bottles are expensive because Hydro Flask’s branding means people are willing to pay the higher price. They play very well to keep ice cold drink for a full day long 24 hours up, and they have beautiful powder coating surface which is durable and not easy to scratch and discolor, but they don’t insulate much better than competing brands. You mainly pay a premium for the Hydro Flask logo, the brand and its company has worked very well to build the high end brand of Hydro Flask and it becomes a must-have water bottle.

Of course, you can buy some much cheaper stainless steel insulated water bottle, but Hydro Flask is still a good option and worth to buy for your cold and fresh daily hydration.

Why Hydro Flask So Expensive And Why It Is So Popular?

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