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Why has my stainless steel flask stopped working?

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One day, you found the stainless steel flask stop working to keep water cold, ice cold water inside it is easy to get lukewarm after only couple hours, then you might wondering why and how to fix this problem? First of all, we should understand how a thermos flask works so good to keep water hot or cold for a long day. The thermos flask is also named insulated water bottle which is made by double walls of stainless steel with vacuum insulation properities, its vacuum insulation layer can stop temperature conduction from outside to inside and inside to outside, that’s why cold water stay cold for 12 hours up or 24 hours up inside the thermos bottle, you can refer to article “what does insulated water bottle mean

Why has my stainless steel flask stopped working?
Why has my stainless steel flask stopped working?

As your understanding, the function of temperature retention for a thermos flask is rely on its vacuum insulation properities, the only reason why your stainless steel thermos flask stop working is its vacuum insulation properities was damage for some reasons, now we can look at how its vacuum insulation was damage.

1. A sound suspect when shake your faulty thermos flask

Sometimes, your thermos flask looks perfect without any damage, but its cold retention not working anymore to keep your water cold, why it stop working?

Now you shake your thermos bottle then you can hear a sound suspect, there is a “getter” which maintain vacuum insulation now is come off inside the vacuum insulated bottle, it will cause vacuum insulation become poor slowly until disappear then you insulated bottle not keep water cold one day.

It’s quality defect of manufacturing that you can require a refund or replacement from the stainless steel flask manufacturer or shop where your bought it.

The one answer on www.quora.com is there’s sound suspect when vacuum insulation was failure inside the double walls of the stainless steel bottle, it is one of the reason why vacuum insulation failure of the bottle to stop working to keep hot or cold.

There’s a getter welding to maintain the vacuum insulation of the stainless steel bottle constantly inside of the bottle bottom which is invisible, if the welding is poor during the manufacturing process of the stainless steel bottle then the getter will come off and you can hear a sound suspect when shaking your bottle, it means your bottle will stop working to keeps cold whatever.

Why did my Hydro Flask stop working

2. A dent on your double walls stainless steel water bottle

For most of stainless steel insulated water bottles that stop working, you can find there’s a big dent on the metal bottle base or bottle body, which caused the two walls of stainless steel contact together and vacuum insulation layer not existing, so it won’t keep your water hot or cold for a long time anymore.

Note: a small dent won’t damage vacuum insulation properities of thermos bottle due to there’s a 4mm more space between the double walls of steel in most of bottles.

A metal water bottle is durable but it doesn’t mean it can’t be damage, a dent on a metal bottle was occurred when you drop it to hard floor by accidentally or hit the bottle with stone or metal hardly, it is your responsibility for the faulty usually that manufacturer won’t accept return or replacement, so you might need to read article “can we fix a dent on the stainless steel insulated bottle?

what would cause hydro flask water bottle to stop keeping water cold
what would cause hydro flask water bottle to stop keeping water cold

FAQ: Stainless steel insulated water bottle, hydro flask

We are so convinced that the stainless steel water bottle like Hydro Flask, Yeti, S’well, Thermos are the best reusable water bottle that can last forever without wear out problem, but as you can see all of them only offer limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defect,  so your stainless steel hydroflask still have wear out problem that could be dent, discolored, scratch, or stop working to keep cold. 

That good news all the hydroflask water bottles are made with recyclable eco-friendly material that eliminate environment impact, we can use it at least 3~5 years for a stainless steel reusable water bottle.

The stainless steel bottle is a style-savvy and popular way of ensuring that you stay hydrated, despite harsh weather or long work hours. With a lifetime warranty of 25 years, this product is sure to last for many years.

Hydro Flask is a type of stainless steel insulated water bottle that has been designed with the highest level of quality and attention to detail, it’s made to last for a long time and be reusable. As such, hydro flask 32 oz water bottle can store cold water for up to 24 hours at a time during camping outdoor living. This means that you can keep your drinks cold for the whole day long.

The durability of the hydro flask makes it one of the most popular water bottles on the market. However, there’s one issue with this: they are not cheap…

How long does Stainless Steel Hydro Flask last?

Sometimes your metal thermos water bottle looks good but it stop working to keep water cold for 24 hours, how do you tell if your thermos bottle is broken?

1. It could keep water cold for a day long before, but now the ice melt and water get lukewarm only couple hours, it means the vacuum insulation properties was broken and it is usually caused by manufacturing defect.

2. Your thermos bottle start leaking water that wet your travel bag, especially when it filled with hot water, your should ask a replacement of new bottle lid or buy a new water bottle, because your thermos bottle lid is broken.

Yes, a double walls stainless steel coffee thermos flask that is heavy and do dent easily when dropping on hard floor accidentally or when hard strong force is applied on them. If you don’t have protection for your metal thermos bottle, like boots or sleeve, a big dent will break your thermos flask to stop working to keep water hot or cold.

Do Coffee thermos flask break easily?

That is why most of manufacturer like Hydro Flask, YETI, S’well, Klean kanteen, Thermos, Stanley……Their product warranty don’t cover dent issue.

You might be wondering – does dropping a Hydro Flask ruin it or affect it’s vacuum insulation properties in any way? The answer is Yes, dropping a Hydro Flask bottle that cause big dent does ruin it then your water bottle stop working to keep water cold for 24 hours up.

The reason is a hydro flask is made from double walls stainless steel with vacuum insulation between the double walls to keep your water cold for hours, when your metal water bottle drop on the fool accidentally and has a big dent, the double walls of stainless steel has contact together and its vacuum insulation properties would be damage, so don’t drop your hydro flask or your will ruin it, you should have a boost or sleeve to protect your water bottle well.

Why your hydro flask rust inside, that’s a problem happens a lot and people wondering is that means the metal bottle is made with poor quality material?

The answer is NO, people buy a hydro flask to fill with water beverage for hydration drinking, but beverage like milk, coffee, soda, they could left dirty or rust inside the stainless steel water bottle if you keep it couple days long time, due to these beverage has acid chemical reaction with steel, so we recommend to clean your hydro flask water bottle completely every time you drink with milk, juice, cola etc.

When you only drink pure water with your hydro flask water bottle, still need to wash it at least one time per week, or it would get smell or dirty inside your water bottle.

Do Hydro flasks rust inside?

Of course we want to have a stainless steel water bottle that is durable enough and last for years, not stop working only couple days or months, but how to make this work? Let’s see what we can do it:

Of course we want to have a stainless steel water bottle that is durable enough and last for years, not stop working only couple days or months, but how to make this work? Let’s see what we can do it:

1. Add a booster for your stainless steel water bottle, that can prevent most of accidentally dropping to stop dent of your bottle, that’s easiest way you can do for your bottles already on bought. 


stainless steel hydro flask boot

2. Neoprene water bottle sleeve carrier cover tote bag for your water bottle, that can prevent most of accidentally dropping to stop dent and scratch of your bottle, that’s a way you can do for your bottles already on bought but it looks ugly and bloated which I don’t like it at all.

neoprene water bottle sleeve carrier cover tote bag for your water bottle

3. Buy a cup or water bottle that with base booster is a good option.

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