Why does my Hydroflask taste like metal?

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What problems happen after use hydro flask for a while?

  1. I get a horrible metalic taste from my Hydro Flask – it’s searing me!
  2. I have that horrible metallic taste too! I didn’t have it when I first started using the bottle, but now after a few washes and use, I can’t even use it anymore the taste is so bad!
  3. yes, there is a metal flavor. This is true for drinking beverages out of most any stainless steel vessels. The taste an odor diminishes some over time. Especially after you use it and wash it out several times. I have other flasks from different manufacturers and the metal twinge taste is pretty much the same. If you are really sensitive to metal -go with glass.

Stainless Steel hydroflask taste metallic

Why Does My Hydroflask Taste Like Metal?

No need to worry about the quality and safety for your Hydro Flask water bottle, it is made from pro-food grade stainless steel 18-8 which is 100% food contact grade and comply with FDA regulation, let’s see why does your hydroflask taste like metal?

When you drink with beer, milk, juice liquid with your stainless steel hydro flask water bottle, you might be lazy o too much busy to wash it immediately, leave it alone for couple days, then you will find the bottle is smell strongly.

Or after use your Hydro Flask bottle for a while, but didn’t clean it completely every time after drink beverage, then it smell metallic taste or some odor taste. How this terrible metallic taste happen and how to fix this problem? 

This problem happen only because after you drink the liquid, microorganisms (bacteria) will multiply in it, there will be some microorganisms at the beginning, for couple days or longer period, it will reproduce from generation to generation, and their metabolites will have a variety of flavors. So how we can remove these metallic taste from our hydro flask bottle?

Check what advice you got from Hydro Flask posting… “Hydro Flasks are made from food grade stainless steel, so they should not have a metallic taste at all. You can try our cleaning method by letting hot baking soda water soak in the flask for 24 hours, then hot vinegar water soak in the flask for 24 hours. If this does not help that taste go away, then please call our customer service line at 888.584.9376 or email them at info@hydroflask.com.”

  1. Hand washing your hydro flask or dishwasher washing it, both can clean it completely it after your daily hydration drinking, but don’t forget to clean both the gasket, lid, and the bottle.
  2. If your stainless steel water bottle already had metallic taste or rust inside the bottle, you should try to do a deeply cleaning for your hydro flask bottle with hot water, Soda, vinegar and bottle brush to clean it step by step as the article “HOW TO CLEAN STAINLESS STEEL WATER BOTTLE“.
  3. You should also need to know what should put in a hydroflask and what should not put in, that help you to use your bottle appropriately.
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