Why does my Hydroflask not keeping cold?

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The Hydro Flask water bottles with its advanced TempShield and Vacuum Insulation technology to keep ice cold for a full day long that always pleasure our hydration in the hot days at home or travel camping anywhere you go, one day you might found the hydroflask bottle no longer kept your drink cold, how to know your hydro flask was broken to stop working to not keeping cold and why is that happen

What is vacuum insulated water bottle made of, how it works

How hydro flask keeping cold?

All hydro flask water bottles are made with double walls of stainless steel 18-8, with vacuum seal to create a zero-air space between the double walls, that prevents transfer of temperature of liquid from inside to outer wall, also stop hot temperature from outside to inside to keeping the ice cold 24 hours up for a full day long in any hot days, that’s how hydro flask keeping your drink ice cold for a full day to satisfy your favorite cold hydration.

Why did my Hydro Flask stop working?

When you cross amazon customer reviews, that you can see a lots negative customer reviews on amazon were complaining the hydro flask is dent, it’s not only looks bad, the reason why your Hydroflask not keeping cold is the vacuum insulation was damaged by these dents on hydro flask water bottles that air can get into the vacuum insulated layer which cause the metal bottle not a vacuum insulated bottle anymore, it would be only a water bottle can fill and carry water on the go, but would touch cold on its outer shell with condensation issue when you fill cold water into a metal bottle but not vacuum insulated.


The hydro flask water bottle Dents easily that you can see it might happens when you open the box, that you can require a replacement from the hydroflask manufacturer and seller according to their product warranty, and it also happens by accidentally dropping on the hard floor especially your young kids holding it, that would waste your money 35$ more due to product warranty doesn’t cover this issue, that you probably need a hydro flask boot to protect your water bottle well away from damage.

What Does A Hydro Flask Boot Do?

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