What’s so special about Hydro Flask? Why is Hydroflask so expensive?

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  • Hydro Flask have become a status symbol and must have insulated water bottle globally.
  • The expensive, high-tech hydro flask water bottle range between $35 and $65.
  • The Tempshield technology used to make the insulated water bottle, combined with a highly effective marketing campaign, has made HYDRO FLASK a popular lifestyle brand. 

Why are hydroflask so expensive?

HYDRO FLASK is known for its expensive stainless steel insulated water bottles that have become a status symbol in America and global markets. The hydro flask oasis water jug is their most expensive, that retails for $175. Since the company was founded in 2009, HYDRO FLASK has become an iconic brand. And they make a lot more than just water bottle, food flask, soft cooler, tumbler, growler.

But the insulated water bottles are what they’re best known for. Like the popular Wide Mouth 32 oz that retails for $50. But you can get a comparably-sized insulated water bottle from legacy brands like Contigo and Klean Kanteen for around $25. Why are Hydro Flask water bottles so expensive? There are two pretty simple answers: technology and marketing.

The Bend, Oregon-based company was founded by the Travis Rosbach: who felt there weren’t any water bottle on the market that kept their catches, kills, and beverages cold enough for long enough in the hot Summer days. He teamed up with a factory in the China to create a stainless steel insulated water bottle that they described as indestructible, with superior ice cold retention.

Their first water bottle hit the market in 2009. If you were serious about keeping your water as cold as possible for a full day long, you needed a Hydro Flask.

What’s so special about Hydro Flask?

So, how do they work? The Hydro Flask insulated water bottle’s shell is made of double walls stainless steel with vacuum insulation , which uses high temperature and high pressure to create the vacuum insulation. The vacuum insulation can stop heat conduction from inside to outside, or from outside to inside to maintain the water stays cold for 24 hours up. And that’s what keeps your beers ice cold for a full day long without condensation on its outer shell.

The insulated water bottle feature a full-frame, freezer-quality gasket that seals around the entire lid to minimize air exchange. And I can tell you from experience, they work. But are they worth the high price tag? I asked on of those questions on my Facebook profile, and the responses were mixed.


“They’re durable.”


“There are cheaper brands that work just as well.”

There are some HYDRO FLASK competitors like YETI, S’WELL and IRON FLASK, that are slightly cheaper, but still comparably priced. None of them have been able to create the brand phenomenon that HYDRO FLASK has seen.

In February of 2016, Hydro Flask was acquired by a subsidiary of Helen of Troy Limited for approximately $210 million. 

So, how are Hydro Flask water bottles are able to carry that high price tag? Marketing. Highly effective marketing. And their campaign to ramp up the population of Hydro Flask nation is just getting started. The company’s effective use of the all-American, rugged, outdoor lifestyle keeps customers coming back for more.

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