What’s so special about Hydro Flask? How the hydroflask got so popular?

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What’s So Special About Hydro Flask?

When you look around in the school, office, party, or on the street, it is easy to find people take a hydro flask water bottle, what’s so special about hydro flask to got so popular?

What’s So Special About Hydro Flask? How The Hydroflask Got So Popular?

Hydro Flask establish a high end symbol for their water bottle with expensive price but high end quality products, all Hydro Flask water bottles have great temperature retention what it claims by its advanced TempShield technology which is a vacuum insulated layer between the double walls of stainless steel, the vacuum insulation can eliminate heat transfer from inside to outside of the bottle to keep liquid hot or cold for a full day long.

But the vacuum insulation is not a new technology which was invented by Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar in 1892 as a result of his research in the field of cryogenics and is sometimes called a Dewar flask in his honour. That means other brands’ stainless steel insulated water bottle can do similar thing what a hydro flask water bottle that keeps water hot or cold for hours with the vacuum insulation technology.

So the most special about hydro flask is the high end symbol of water bottle, just like Nike for the shoes, Tesla for the e-car, Apple for the mobile-phone; plus its innovative design and high end quality products, the Hydro Flask is getting more and more popular and to be a must have product.

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