What we can put in a hydro flask, and what we can not put in a hydro flask?

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What Hydro Flask used for?

A Hydro Flask water bottle is double wall stainless steel 18-8 made with vacuum insulation technology to keep your cold drink for a full day long.

What we can put in a Hydro Flask?

a Hydro Flask water bottle is made from recycle stainless steel 18-8 which is a reusable and eco-friendly water bottle that is the best way to reduce waste and eliminate plastic pollution for saving the planet when using it for your hydration drinking.

There’s one concern for us to use a hydro flask water bottle is what we can put in a Hydro Flask that is safe and healthy enough for our daily hydration?

all Hydro flask water bottles are stainless steel made, and stainless steel is highly resistant to rust and does not need a liner, compliant with California Prop 65 regulations and Title 21 of the FDA Code of Federal Regulations, Non-Toxic, BPA-Free, Reusable, Eco-Friendly to ensure pure taste and no flavor transfer — and the durable construction stands up to whatever life brings. It is commonly used in food preparation, wine making, and brewing industries. It is durable, won’t leach chemicals into your beverages, and does not retain flavors or smells. 

a Hydro Flask with high quality and food grade safety stainless steel 18-8 made is completely safe to fill with any water liquid beverage to drink, it is worry free any chemicals leaching into your beverage to drink, no matter with pure water, wine, soda, lemon water, whisky, tea, cola etc. 

When we put different beverage into hydro flask to do tests, although we didn’t find any chemical leaching into beverage, we have tips for you that what beverage we should not put in a Hydro Flask (especially for a long time or high heat temperature):

Do Not Hold these 3 Liquids in a hydro flask water bottle for a long time

In order to care the hydro flask water bottle, it is advised to Not hold these 3 liquids in a hydro flask water bottle for a long time, that could cause heavy rust or dirty issue inside of your flask, which is not good for your healthy hydration.
• Lemon Water
• Milk
• Hot Tea

Because of stainless steel 18-8 has high melting feature which is won’t leach any chemicals with hot beverage liquid; However, stainless steel is one of the metal which is vulnerable with strong acid, and Lemon Water is a weak acid liquid that we are not advice to put it into hydro flask for a long time, because it might damage inner of the flask and the it appear rust issue inside.

 When you put Hot Milk in a Hydro Flask that keep the hot milk steady warm for a long time, microorganisms in the milk would rapidly multiply at a suitable temperature environment, causing spoilage and easily causing diarrhoea and abdominal pain.

Health experts say that whether it is hot milk or juice, it is best to drink in time, so Do Not put milk in Hydro Flask for a long time

It has been reported that tea contains a large amount of tannic acid, theophylline, aromatic oil and multivitamins, and it is only suitable to brew with water of about 80 degrees Celsius.

If you use a Hydro Flask water bottle to make tea or hold tea, soak the tea in high temperature, constant temperature water for a long time, just like boiling with a warm fire.

The vitamins in tea get destroyed a lot, the aromatic oil is volatilized, and the tannins and theophylline are leached in a large amount, which not only reduces the nutritional value of the tea, but also makes the tea juice tasteless, the tea tastes bitter, and the harmful substances increase. In this regard, health experts said that tea is indeed not suitable for long-term soaking, because soaking time is too long, tea may release heavy metal substances, which is harmful to health.

Hence do not put tea in Hydro FLask for a long time.

There are may more liquid that we don’t know which should not put in a Hydro Flask to hurt your healthy, no worry, as long as we do not put our water or beverage in Hydro Flask for a long time like more than 24 hours, it is safe and healthy to drink your beverage with a hydro flask anytime anywhere, Do Not forget to clean your hydro flask in time after use it or it might have rust or smell issue.

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