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Consuming water on a regular and daily basis is an essential act to keep us hydrated and energized. The problem arises with the usual bottles, the plastic ones that we fill over and over again or worse still, we buy and discard when finished.


Good weather arrives, summer, heat and people begin unconsciously, looking for a bottle of water to accompany them on hot summer days, whether for a walk, beach, office, gym, among others.


Luckily nowadays the use of reusable bottles is more and more widespread.

The bottles are usually made of plastic, glass, aluminum or stainless steel. However, it is necessary to ask:

Are all reusable bottles equally safe?

What is the best option when choosing a reusable bottle?

Why stainless steel water bottle is best water bottle for hydration drinking

Why stainless steel water bottle is best water bottle for hydration drinking?


The most “common” plastic bottles have always existed. They are cheap and light. Although most plastic bottles are BPA-free today, you have to take into account other toxic components such as BPS, phthalates or PVC, components that transfer to water with heat, reuse, or wear. . Plastic bottles come from oil, so biologically speaking, they take hundreds of years to degrade and pollute the soil and oceans while they decompose. This is undoubtedly one of the worst options when choosing a reusable bottle.


Although aluminum bottles are cheaper and lighter than stainless steel ones, they react to some liquids, migrating their toxic particles to beverages and altering their taste. In this sense, these thermoses are covered with an enamel but this coating can break when hit and degrade over time and thus the aluminum ends up being transferred to the liquid.


On the other hand, although the glass ones are safe to transport liquids, they are quite heavy, which makes them impractical because to carry them to the office, gym, daily activities, it is tedious. They can also be easily broken so they are not the most optimal option to choose.


Stainless steel bottles are one of the best options when choosing a reusable bottle. This material does not react to any liquid, thus eliminating the health risk associated with the material.

For those who are looking for a resistant, portable and light container for their drinks, the stainless steel bottle is undoubtedly the best option.


Are stainless steel bottles worth it? How it works?

Are stainless steel bottles worth it? How it works?

Most stainless steel bottles have an added bonus, they make thermos flasks. For example, the EcoWay stainless steel bottle keeps your drink cold for 24 hours, regardless of the outside ambient temperature. On the other hand, it keeps your drinks hot for up to 12 hours. A perfect solution to take your coffee from home to the office.


At EcoWay, “we started from a small company that helps private brand customers with exclusive manufacturing production for their custom designed water bottle since 2014,  focusing on concept design, tooling development and inspection. As business keep growing fast by loyal customers’ support based on our good cooperation and reputation, we expand our business to OEM manufacturing with different custom design stainless steel water bottle / tumbler / cup / mug / bowl container whole in-house production, we are still a young and small company with 250,000 pcs monthly output 8,000㎡ production facility where located at Yongkang City, Zhejiang Province,and China”.


Based on all these problems, this idea of resistant and reusable bottles arises, since conventional plastic bottles are an idea that is not at all successful, in the first place because they contribute to environmental and ecological damage with the continuous use of a non-biodegradable material. The cons of the use of plastic for water consumption go further, for example, some of these plastics contain BPA, which is a chemical component that can be released with ingestion and settle in our body, being very difficult to eliminate. Imagining that this process occurs frequently, whether we use a bottle only once or use it multiple times, is terrifying.

Bottles made of stainless steel are the most practical hydration option that has had the most boom in recent years. More and more people prefer this reusable and ecological product, which comes in different quality levels at an accessible price to change habits and replace plastic bottles with stainless steel bottles.

The bottles manufactured under this modality are light, resistant, and reusable, this is how they found their way into our lives and more and more bottles of this style that people prefer to buy. The best is stainless steel as the perfect material to manufacture thermal bottles since its capabilities allow to ensure the maintenance of hot or cold drinks throughout the day, guaranteeing the health of the consumer.

If we are interested in a stainless steel thermal bottle, there are inexpensive options that have a spectacular design, such is the case of the EcoWay bottles; Many EcoWay containers are double-walled and vacuum-insulated with copper coating gives the water bottle the ability to keep the beverage hot or cold for many hours. A perfect water bottle to use in the office, on the road or at the gym, thanks to its lightweight and comfortable size. The bottles can be made in different sizes, and the customer chooses the perfect format to take it anywhere.

The stainless steel thermal bottles allow us to store our drink safely and efficiently, free of toxins, at a very accessible price.

Whether you want to use the bottle to carry hot or cold drinks, this stainless steel water bottle will keep the temperature stable for hours thanks to its double-walled vacuum insulation.

The narrow cap of the bottle is usually manufactured incorporating a food grade silicone ring to ensure that not a drop of water escapes from the thermos. Also, being made of stainless steel will not present a series of strange smells or flavors with the passage of time.


We invite you to discover the new design of the EcoWay Stainless Steel Bottle. In it we wanted to reflect our sports / casual spirit as well as contribute positively to the care and protection of the environment!

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