What is special about Hydro Jug?

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The Hydro Jug is a half gallon size water bottle including of stainless steel insulated water bottle and plastic water bottle, it is reusable, toxic free, bpa free, 100% food grade materials made for daily healthy hydration drinking, the special of hydro jug water bottles are because its big size that allow can get enough hydration in daily life and only need to refill your hydro jug water bottle twice per day, because normally people needs to drink 1 gallon water everyday to keep body to be hydrated and healthy.

A HydroJug is a reusable water bottle that stands out because of its size—it's designed to hold approximately half a gallon of water (up to 73 ounces). That means you can get your daily hydration effortlessly and without having to constantly refill your water bottle.

What hydro jug water bottle is best to buy?

There are two kinds of material made for the hydro jug water bottles, one is plastic, and the other one is stailess steel.

  1. if you only want to hold water to drink and don’t mind to drink warm water, a plastic material made hydro jug water bottle is best option, it’s lightweight, durable, reusable, and much cheap to buy.
  2. if you want to keep water cold for a long day to drink ice cold water anywhere, the double walls of stainless steel vacuum insulated hydro jug is best option, it’s durable, reusable, and the best thing is it can keep ice cold water at steady cold for 24 hours up.

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