What happens if you dishwash a Hydro Flask?

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What happens if you dishwash a Hydro Flask?

Can someone tell me why I can’t put Hydro Flask in the Dishwasher, I’am too much lazy to wash it by hand, then I did research to find out Hydro Flask does claim hand washing is only but YETI tumblers claims it is dishwasher safe, why the two brands tell different answers for cleaning a powder coating bottle with dishwasher?

What happens if Dishwash a Hydro Flask?

You can clean hydro flask or other stainless steel insulated water bottles with Dishwasher which is completely safe, if any problem happen, vacuum insulation damage or discolor, it only means the quality is poor, not Dishwasher’s fault. We Ecoway Houseware Limited as a manufacturer of stainless steel water bottle in China, all of our high end brand customers required their stainless steel water bottle must be dishwasher safe, we conducted many times of tests then can confirm and guarantee dishwasher is safe for stainless steel insulated water bottle,  you have no reason to pay expensive money to buy a Hydro Flask water bottle but can not clean it with dishwasher.

Hydro Flasks are double walls stainless steel insulated water bottles, hand washing is recommend but put it through dishwasher to clean it is no big problem, it won’t affecting the vacuum insulation or discolor the powder coating surface after we did many times test of washing hydro flask and other stainless steel insulated water bottles with dishwasher, but does have chance to discolor of the Hydro Flask logo printing on the bottle.

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