What are stainless steel tumblers used for?

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What is stainless steel tumbler?

The stainless steel tumbler is made by 18-8 kitchen food grade stainless steel, generally with a wide mouth opening for easy drinking, and easy mixed up your beverage, is much different from a stainless steel water bottle.

ET08-Vacuum Insulated Wine Tumbler Stainless Steel Wine Glass Tumbler 12 oz, Champagne, Cocktail, Beer

stainless steel tumbler with wide mouth opening

17zo stainless steel vauum insulated bottle

stainless steel bottle with small mouth opening

What are stainless steel tumblers used for?

  • a stainless steel tumbler with vacuum insulated layer between the double walls which can keep your coffee hot 12 hours up and beer ice cold 24 hours up for your favorite drinking anywhere anytime.
  • you can easy to drink coffee and beer with the wide mouth opening, also mixed up anything such as sugar into your coffee and blend it easily.
  • you can also easy to wash the stainless steel tumbler to make it clean enough with the wide mouth opening
how to custom insulated water bottles
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