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Stainless Steel Metal Koozie

what is metal koozie

Metal koozie, also named stainless steel can cooler, the original koozies are neoprene sleeve that you can use it for your beer can or beer bottle for keeping it cold longer period for slow drinking at home or outdoor living, usually can keep 1~2 hours ice cold after you pull th beer can out from a cooler or fridge then put it into the koozie. Nowadays, the koozie made from stainless steel was born, and it is more and more popular for people to enjoy the metal koozie with ice cold beer drinking.

koozie koozie

Your might already have a great quality cooler to keep your beer can or bottle ice cold during outdoor camping living, but it would get warm for couple mins after you take it out from the cooler, and  it would get wet on your hand when holding the cold beer can bottle; with a stainless steel can cooler, you can keep the beer can cold 20 x longer time without condensation, and it is reusable, easy to take it on the go anywhere.

How stainless steel can cooler works to keep cold stainless steel metal koozie

Stainless steel can koozie is much more expensive than the neoprene koozie, is that worth to pay more money to buy metal can koozie only for beer bottle can drinking? Let’s see what people said:

IMHO, these Koozies are for throwing a beer in a backpack, and drinking it later. Like taking the dog for a hike and taking one beer with. It also helps to keep the koozie in the fridge so it’s cold to start. It makes more of a difference on a hot day.

What stainless steel metal koozie is available?

Now you have interesting for metal can cooler, but the main purpose to buy a koozie is our beer or wine can bottle, so what koozie is available in the market and what is what is best koozie should we buy, let’s have a look:

water bottle koozie trump koozie 12 oz

12 oz. standard metal insulated koozie

  • The Standard koozie is good for: Standard 12 oz. Cans, Longnecks, Tailgates, Triple-digit temps and BBQ festivals. Can and bottle fit may vary based on shape
  • The Load-and-Lock gasket only requires a simple quarter-turn to seal the deal
  • The Can koozies are insulated with a double-wall vacuum so your beverages stay really, really cold
ec08 metal insulated beer koozie brumate slim can koozie 12oz.

12 oz. metal koozie for slim cans, White Claw

  • FITS ALL 12 OZ SLIM CANS: hate warm beer? This brumate slim can cooler keeps it icy-cold, no matter how hot your party gets; works with all slim-style 12 oz beer, energy and soda canned drinks (doesn’t fit Heineken cans)
  • EASY TO USE: it’s a no-brainer to use the Hopsulator; simply push your can into the slim and the push-lock technology will keep it in place; when you’re done drinking, unscrew the gasket to remove the empty can
Best bottle holder koozie: BOTTLEKEEPER 2.0 beer bottle holder

12 oz. metal koozie for bottles

  • KEEPS BEER COLDER, LONGER – Keeps your beer cold with insulation while protecting from breakage. Fits standard shaped 12oz beer bottles such as Bud Light, Corona, Coors and many more.
  • INSULATED DESIGN WITH PADDED BASE – Bottle Keeper beer holder is insulated to keep your beer colder and longer than ever before, even on the warmest days of the year or by the grill. No fear of breakage with the padded base for shock absorption keeping glass bottles safe and secure.
Koozie Stainless Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Triple Can Cooler 12 oz

12 oz. metal koozie for cans and bottles

  • HAVE FUN LONGER –The Koozie Double Walled Insulated Triple Can Cooler keeps your drink hot for up to 3 hours or cold up to 12 hours! Perfect for keeping your beer really cold and your coffee piping hot no matter the season.
  • ONE TUMBLER DOES IT ALL – This 3-in-1 multi-functional drink holder can be used as a tumbler, can or bottle cooler. Remove the black ring, fit your 12 oz. can or bottle inside and secure with the easy to screw-on black ring or pour your beverage in and snap on the lid for a ready-to-go tumbler.

How to personalize stainless steel koozie no minimum or in bulk?

You might want to buy Stainless Steel Koozie Personalized as gift for your family or friends, how to make a custom metal beer koozie no minimum or in bulk?

  1. a custom sticker label with removable feature for your koozie no minimum to buy, and cheap prices with many photos/pictures to choose.
  2. laser engraved any text information you want to put on your insulated koozie no minimum, and no set up cost, fast delivery.
  3. silk-screen printing with your favorite color and pictures to apply on stainless steel koozie, low set up cost, small volume quantity to buy.
  4. water transfer, painting transfer and more options are available to personalize your metal beer koozies, you can read more…..

How to manufacture metal koozie

The metal insulated koozie is use vacuum insulation technology to keep cold 4 hours up just like what a stainless steel insulated water bottle does, due to the vacuum layer between the double walls of stainless steel can stop heat conduction to keep it cold at a long period, but how it is made at manufacturer factory from raw material to a koozie to bring our life so much fun……

The major manufacturing production processes of stainless steel can cooler koozie is:

  1. Koozie Body Production: 1.raw material → 2.shaping of outer cup and inner tank → 3.welding getter on the bottom piece → 4. copper lining on the surface of inner tank (optional) → 5. welding to join the outer shell with inner tank together → 6. ultrasonic cleaning → 7. vacuum producing (test vacuum 100% first time) → 8. electrolysis → 9. polishing (test vacuum 100% second time) → 10. decoration (painting, powder coating, water transfer, heat transfer printing, laser engraving, silk-screen printing etc.)
  2. Koozie Cap/Lid Production: 1. plastic raw material → 2. injection molding → 3. assembly
  3. Koozie Assembly and Packaging: 1. confirm packaging requirement per PO → 2. prepare all parts → 3. cleaning dust → 4. inspect parts → 5. assembly koozie body and cap → 6. add sticker or label → 7. on-line 100% inspection → 8. pack into gift box → 9. pack into carton box → Finish

How I can build a koozie brand like "Brumate" "Yeti"?

Whatever you want to set up a METAL KOOZIE business to have your own private brand like “Brumate’ or “YETI” with existing design can cooler metal koozie products in the market, or you want to create a unique custom design koozie with your private brand for a long term business, you can contact a China stainless steel insulated can cooler koozie supplier like “Ecoway Houseware Limited” whom is specialized in stainless steel koozie bottle vessel jug oem manufacturing from concept design, tooling development, mass production to final shipment to help you working from “0” to market

stainless steel beer koozie metal koozie can cooler
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