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What is stainless steel canteen?

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A stainless steel canteen is made by stainless steel 18-8 which is food grade with good corrosion prevent to widely use for kitchen, medical, automotive etc, a single wall or double wall structure for different hydration needs in daily life.


Single wall stainless steel canteen is work as normal water container but with durable, BPA-free features, can be boiling with fire for your hot water at camping outdoor living.

Double wall stainless steel canteen is a vacuum insulated layer between the double walls to have good heat preservation performance to keep hot 12 hours up and ice cold 24 hours up, you can enjoy fresh and favorite hydration anytime anywhere.

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Stainless Steel Canteen Made In USA?

Is there a stainless steel canteen made in USA? The answer is NO. Although you might want to get a USA made metal canteen for your hydration, but it’s no a brand or manufacturer claims or have plan made it in USA, check the most of stainless steel canteen that you can see there’s “MADE IN CHINA” information on the packaging, it’s no big deal due to some of reasons as follow;

1. Environment protection: same as many products, stainless steel canteen itself is environment friendly and reusable, but its manufacturing processes not that environment friendly as what we know hence it would has pollution if the manufacturing facility doesn’t do well on environment protection.

2. Material cost: China now it has biggest stainless steel production output in the global market which it has lower stainless steel raw material cost to make the products.

3. Labour cost: now the labour cost keep increasing in China but also in USA and the whole world, China still has lower labour cost than USA which it can have more profit margin to produce stainless steel canteen in China.

4. Profit margin: in the whole product chain from concept design, product production, brand, market, distribution, the lowest profit margin is manufacturing production which made USA companies has no interesting to invest a manufacturing facility.

How is stainless steel canteen is made?

Production Manufacturing Processes at Our Factory

  1. Purchase raw material
  2. Cutting stainless steel tube
  3. Shape forming with water swelling ( or deep drawing forming)
  4. Cutting into 2 pieces
  5. Mouth forming with threads
  6. Matching and welding the mouth of stainless steel flask (the out wall and inner wall join together then do Laser welding)
  7. Welding the bottom cap and with an attachment of Getter 
  8. Vacuum process inside the vacuum machine around 4 hours to create vacuum insulated layer between the double walls stainless steel
  9. Vacuum Test (measure the stainless steel vacuum flask is good quality or faulty on vacuum insulation) 100%
  10. Electrolysis for the inside of the stainless steel canteen (it can clean the dirty to have nice surface, also create a layer on the inner surface to have good corrosion prevention)
  11. Inspection of electrolysis quality 100%
  12. Polishing the surface of outer wall of the stainless steel canteen
  13. Inspection of Polishing quality 100%
  14. Vacuum insulation test 100% second time if needed
  15. Decoration (spray painting, powder coating, water transfer painting, heat transfer printing, logo printing or laser engraving etc.)
  16. Assembly with caps, cleaning, inspection, packaging
  17. Out going final QC inspection
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