Magnet-Automatic Beer Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher

Magnet automatic beer bottle opener with cap catcher


Extraordinary device that enables the removal of metal bottle caps from bottles. Especially for Samuel Adams, Guinness, Fat Tire, Dos Equis,Stella Artois, Heineken, Blue Moon, Corona, St. Pauli Girl and other world famous beers with metal bottle caps. Just Push Down and Pop off. Make bottle case easier!

This automatic beer bottle popper is able to withstand the most stress by the sturdy construction. Ingeniously construction combine the internal metal gear, make it durable and powerful. Food grade high quality stainless steel brushed shell improved outline and grade. Caps opening success rate goes up 30% by improving the precision of the starting metal gear.

Magnet-Automatic Beer Bottle Opener with Cap Catcher


  • Automatic bottle opener sticks with a magnet, pop cap off effortlessly
  • Pop the tops off bottles without any of the strain or hassle that accompanies traditional bottle openers
  • Simply place your hand on top of the opener and push down to make your bottle open instantly — just pop it down, pop it up and enjoy your beverage
  • Perfect for anyone who enjoys cold, bottled beverages and make a great gift or bar accessory
  • Small enough to bring to tailgates, get-together, camping trips, boating excursions and more for extra ease

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