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Design Tips for Custom Steel Drinkware

Everything you need to know when your team want to design a custom steel drinkware for your private brand with custom toolings(OEM Projects).

Table of Contents

1. Target Markets & Consumers

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, having a deep understanding of your target markets and consumers is essential for the success of your custom water bottle. Here are some reasons why it is the first key step:

  1. Firstly, it allows you to tailor your products to meet the specific needs and preferences of your target consumers. By knowing their wants, you can design and develop custom water bottles that truly resonate with them.
  2. Secondly, understanding your target markets helps you position your brand effectively. You can identify unique selling points and differentiate your custom water bottles from competitors.
  3. Furthermore, it enables you to make informed decisions regarding pricing, distribution, and marketing strategies. You can tailor these aspects to reach and engage your target consumers effectively.
  4. Moreover, it helps you anticipate market trends and consumer demands, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.

In conclusion, understanding target markets and consumers is not only the first key step but also a continuous process that requires ongoing research and analysis. By doing so, you can ensure the success and growth of your custom water bottle business.

2. Product Types (Bottle, Tumbler, Cup, Bowl etc.)

For your custom drinkware project, it is crucial to select and decide on the product type, such as bottles, tumblers, cups, and bowls, etc. Here are the benefits:

– Tailor your project to specific needs and preferences.
– Cater to different usage scenarios and consumer demands.
– Offer a wide range of options to meet diverse market requirements.
– Differentiate your brand by choosing unique and innovative product types.
– Maximize functionality and user experience based on the selected type.
– Align with your brand identity and messaging.
– Stay ahead of the competition by offering contemporary and trending designs.
– Adapt to changing market trends and customer preferences.
– Ensure high-quality and durable products for long-term use.

Let us assist you in selecting and deciding the perfect product type for your custom drinkware project.

3. Raw Materials

We offer wide range of raw materials for your custom drinkware projects from plastic, steel, silicone, bamboo, check material guide list for better understanding each material’s character.

4. Vacuum Insulation

Vacuum insulation is one of the most important feature and function for a vacuum container, we need to know what is vacuum insulated water bottle means, and design a water bottle with best vacuum insulation properties to keep ice cold for 24 hours or 36 hours up.

  1. Product Size: bigger size can keeps more cold water and then can keep ice cold water longer period.
  2. Lid/Cap size: smaller size of lid/cap can reduce the outlet of temperature, then can keep ice cold water longer period.
  3. Lid/Cap structure:double walls structure of lid/cap can help to prevent temperature conduction, then can keep ice cold water longer period.
  4. Lid/Cap material:  plastic material has weak thermal conductivity than steel, then can keep ice cold water longer period.
  5. Triple vacuum insulation: triple vacuum insulation can help to improve vacuum insulation to keep ice cold water longer period.

5. Threads limitation

The steel water bottles with threads, it’s different from plastic water bottles, there’s limitation of its height is 1.20mm, it will be broken when its height over 1.20mm.

6. Threads Engagement

To guarantee the lid of water bottle won’t pop off in any condition, you need to design the threads engagement no less than 0.3mm, the best is 0.5mm.

7. Threads Space

To make sure twist the lid into bottle smoothly, you need to design 2.0 mm space between lid threads and steel bottle.

8. Gasket Thickness

Every steel water bottle has gasket to prevent leaking, to make sure no leaking, you need to design gasket thickness has interference fit more than 0.5mm.

9. Space Between Double-Walls

It needs minimum 2mm space between the double walls of bottle body and 4~8mm minimum space between the double walls of bottle bottom.

10. Thickness of Double-Walls Steel

The standard of thickess for steel bottle is: outer wall steel thickness 0.5mm, inner wall steel thickness 0.4mm, can be thicker but higher cost to manufacture.

11. Cup Holder Freindly

Make sure your tumbler / bottle / cup has cup holder friendly size, the bottom size usually less than 80mm.

12. Surface Treatment Options

The main surface treatment for steel drinkware products including spray painting, powder coating, UV plating, PVD coating, water transfer, heat-printing transfer, painting transfer, 3D printing.

A standard shape of steel water bottle would be easier to do different surface treatment, an irregular shape of steel water bottle which has groove or step or curve shape would has limitation to do water transfer/painting transfer/heat-printing transfer or 3D printing, contact with Ecoway Team to have better understanding all these limitation.

13. Tooling Cost & Product Unit Cost

The main tooling cost for a custom drinkware product is its plastic cap/lid which required injection toolings, and more pieces and more complex structure of the plastic lid will require more tooling costs.

The main product unit cost for a custom drinkware product is its steel part, its steel part design will have big impact with its product unit cost.

Start Designing Custom Water Bottle / Tumbler / Cup

We Ecoway Houseware caters to all your custom water drinkware needs, from concept design, prototyping, custom tooling development, trial run production, mass production to final shipment to meet all your needs with low cost, fast delivery, and high quality.

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