Metal Water Bottles In Bulk Cheap

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Professional stainless steel insulated water bottle hydroflask wine tumbler coffee cup oem manufacturer that help to bring your concept design from tooling development to mass production, also offer one-stop solution for custom water bottle/cup/tumbler in bulk.

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Metal bottles are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles because they are made from recycled stainless steel 18-8 materials that do not release harmful chemicals into drinking liquids like plastic bottles do. Metal bottles also keep cold drinks cold 24 hours long without condensation issue, which plastic bottles can’t do, so people prefer to buy metal water bottles at home, office, camping or travel.

When school or company want to buy metal water bottle in bulk with cheap price, where can purchase these bottles with high quality and cheap prices, here you are at the right place “Ecoway Houseware Limited” whom sell wholesale cheap metal water bottle in bulk with factory direct cheap prices, pick your favorite water bottle from below hot selling water bottles and send your customization to get bulk discount prices today.

Metal Water Bottles In Bulk Cheap

Wholesale prices for metal water bottles in bulk

Here we have list wholesale prices for a general 16oz metal water bottles for your reference only, want to know how much of your metal water bottle cost, pls contact “” to get instant quote today:

  1. 50PCS: $7.50USD
  2. 100PCS: $6.50USD
  3. 1000PCS: $5.50USD
  4. 3000PCS: $5.00USD
  5. 10000PCS : $4.70USD
  6. 30000PCS: $4.50USD
  7. 50000PCS : $4.30USD
  8. 100000PCS : $4.00USD
On the other hand, you can have different shipment cost with different quantities, the more you order and the more shipment cost you can save; for example, a standard size 20oz/600ml stainless steel water bottle, you can choose shipment as follow;
  1. less then 100pcs; ai shipment, fast but very expensive
  2. 100~3000pcs; sea shipment LCL slow and expensive
  3. 15000pcs; sea shipment FCL 20″ GP container, slow and cheap
  4. 30000pcs; sea shipment FCL 40″ GP container, slow and very cheap

There are a lots different technqiues to make custom color, logo, graphic picture for your metal bottle to meet your needs, and we list some main options with cost for your consideration:

Usually we need to charge plate cost for logo printing $50 with silk-screen printing / pad printing / laser engraving, charge $300 for tooling of embossing logo, charge plate cost for graphic picture printing with water tranfer printing / heat transfer printing / painting transfer printing, and charge set up cost $50 for custom color with spray painting and powder coating. All these set up cost is one time charge.

Here is list of stainless steel bottle product unit price with different surface treatment for your reference:

  1. Spray painting: 0.15USD/each color
  2. Powder coating: 0.50USD/each color
  3. Heat transfer printing: 0.15USD(painting base) + 0.10USD (printing)
  4. Painting transfer printing: 0.50USD
  5. Water transfer printing: 0.40USD
  6. Silk-screen printing:0.10USD
  7. Laser Engraving:0.10USD
  8. Embossing:0.15USD

More customization and its cost that you want to know, pls send email

Custom Water Bottle Tumbler Cup In Bulk
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