Is the hydro flask flex boot worth it?

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Is The Hydro Flask Flex Boot Worth It

The hydro flask water bottle Dents easily, see what the customers comment on it:

1. I will say hydro flask does keep my water cold and the size and shape are great, however it is quite fragile. If you drop it, it will dent! I emailed the company and they’re aware of this and don’t seem to care. They won’t replace your product. I won’t buy another. I’ve found yeti to be much more durable.

2. Just bought this hydroflask water bottle a month ago. Was super excited to use it. The first time I used it I dropped it on the sidewalk. NOT DURABLE. Badly dented on multiple spots. Very disappointed. Wish they warned users beforehand and gave us something to tie it around our wrist with.


As you can see most of negative customer reviews on amazon were complaining the hydro flask is dent easily that would cause your hydro flask stop working to keep ice cold for a long full day, and you will wast your money 35$ more for the water bottle.

Now you need the silicone flex boot that can stop the majority of these dents and scratches. If you’re rough with your Hydro Flask or you’ve got kids using it I would absolutely recommend the flex boot.

The Hydro Flask Flex Boot lets you customize your Hydro Flask water bottle, and it also boosts its durability by helping protect its base to avoid dent easily when dropping on the floor accidentally.

So, Is The Hydro Flask Flex Boot Worth It?

So, Is The Hydro Flask Flex Boot Worth It?

Mostly you can buy a colorful hydro flask boot from amazon or other shop less than 10$ that can protect your hydro flask water bottle from dent easily on the base when dropping on the hard floor accidentally, that means you spend less than 10$ to save your hydro flask bottle which usually cost 35$ to 50$, of course it is worth to buy a hydro flask boot for your bottle.

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