Is the coldest water bottle dishwasher safe?

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This question was first asked by consumer who wanted to know if the coldest water bottle could be put in the dishwasher. The answer to this question is yes, the coldest water bottle can be put in the dishwasher. This means that you will not have to wash it with your hands and risk getting germs on it.

The coldest water bottles are the type of stainless steel insulated water bottle, which is made of double walls of stainless steel with vacuum insulation properities to keep water cold for a long long day, that you can enjoy ice cold water anywhere. People are worry if wash these water bottles could damage its vacuum insulation properities or discolor its surface, here’s anweres to tell why you can put coldest water bottles into dishwasher freely:

1. The material is durable

All the coldest water bottles are made with stainless steel 18-8, which is kitchen food contact grade material and it is durable enough for cold or hot environment without break issue, that is freely put into dishwasher to wash.

2. Vacuum insulation properities

The vacuum insulation properities of a coldest water bottle is why it can keep ice cold water for a long day, and it won’t have any damage inside hot soak water or dishwasher due to its manufacturing condition is over 300℃/4 hours.

3. Powder coating finishing

The powder coating finishing on a coldest water bottle that is durable in most of condiction and environment, except for contacting with chemical liquid such as “sulfuric acid”. 

How to clean the coldest water bottle

How to wash the coldest water bottles?

There are two ways to wash your coldest water bottles, “hand washing” or “dishwasher washing”, and it’s no difference with other stainless steel water bottle, let’s see the processes at:

1. Dishwasher washing

For a daily washing, you can separate the bottle lids and bottle body, then put the bottle and bottle lid inside the dishwasher to clean it with other tableware and kitchenware, no special requirement and attention, sometimes you might need to separate the sealing gasket from the bottle lid to wash it, don’t lost it due to it is tinny.

2. Hand washing

Hand washing is a good option to wash your coldest water bottles, only need to follow 4 steps to clean it completely:

  • 1. pour some dish soap into the bottle
  • 2. pour warm  water into the bottle
  • 3. use soft bottle brush to wash the bottle inside and outside
  • 4. rinse with tap water and dry it.
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