Is BruMate better than Yeti?

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Everybody loves to drink cold beer, that is what a metal beer koozie can help: with holding cold beer can inside the metal koozie which can keep it cold for hours just like what an insulated bottle to keep water cold for hours, that allows us to enjoy cold beer without condensation and warm issue.

The most popular beer can koozie on Amazon is YETI and Brumate, but which one is better? Let’s see the difference and what customers said:

is brumate better than yeti

1. YETI Colster Metal Kooize 12oz. Standard

YETI Colster Metal Kooize 12oz. Standard

MaterialStainless Steel 18-8
ColorBrick Red
Item Weight0.52 Pounds
Item  LxWxH3.2 x 3.2 x 4.2 inches
  • The YETI Colster is like a stainless steel bear hug (or can cooler) for your sodas or longnecks
  • The Load-and-Lock Gasket secures your drink in place
  • The Colster’s double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your beer or soda frosty longer
  • Plus, it has a No Sweat Design, which means you say adios to damp or frostbitten hands
  • The YETI Colster stands 4 7/8 in high and a diameter of 3 1/2 in. All YETI Colsters are sized to fit in standard sized cup holders
  • Standard 12 ounce cans and bottles fit like a glove

2. BrüMate Hopsulator Slim Can Cooler 12oz.

Brumate hopsulator slim can cooler koozie 12 oz. 

  • FITS ALL 12 OZ SLIM CANS: hate warm beer? This Hopsulator keeps it icy-cold, no matter how hot your party gets; works with all slim-style 12 oz beer, energy and soda canned drinks (doesn’t fit Heineken cans)
  • 20X COLDER: the Hopsulator features double-walled stainless steel with an extra copper layer that keeps your drinks 20x colder than a standard neoprene can cooler, so that your last sip has the same refreshing kick as the first
  • EASY TO USE: it’s a no-brainer to use the Hopsulator; simply push your can into the slim and the push-lock technology will keep it in place; when you’re done drinking, unscrew the gasket to remove the empty can

3. What's the difference?

1.Sizes: YETI fits with standard 12 oz. beer can, Brumate fits with slim 12 oz. beer can.

2.Shape: YETI is round shape, BRUMATE is flat side shape for easy holding.

3.Gasket Lid: YETI koozie has a screw top lid, BRUMATE koozie has a snap top lid that is easier to use.

4.Surface Decoration: YETI koozie apply powder coating surface that is durable, BRUMATE koozie apply muti-color painting surface that is beautiful look.

5.Prices: BRUMATE is a little cheaper than YETI koozie

4. Which is better "brumate vs yeti"?

There’s many cold retention tests to tell which is better, YETI or Brumate?

To be honestly, you don’t need to care so much how much difference of these tests, because eventually the test result would be closed, and you can not feel the cold retention difference when you using the two brands of metal koozie.

So is Brumate Koozie is better than YETI? Both metal koozies are high quality and well-known brands, they are both made from stainless steel 18-8, with advanced vacuum insulation technology to keep you beer can cold for hours.

YETI is more durable than Brumate but YETI is also more expensive than Brumate, and Brumate is more popular in fashion & female market which YEIT is the top brand drinkware in the Outdoor & Sports market.  Both of them offer a limited lifetime warranty for their whole product line that we don’t need to worry the quality.

brumate vs yetiThis question popped up in our minds when we want to buy a metal koozie or stainless steel water bottle: “What is better, Brumate or YETI?” it might be hard to answer, because we have different needs for the water bottle and koozie products, in general, both Brumate and YETI is top quality products and you can make your purchasing depends what kind of design you prefer and how much money you are willing to pay for them.

4. How it works?

The vacuum insulated layer between the double walls of stainless steel beer koozie, can eliminate heat conduction from outside to inside and inside to outside, to keep the beer can stay cold for hours, because heat can not conducted in the vacuum space, then we can hold the beer can without condensation issue and enjoy the ice cold beer for hours after pool it out from a cooler.

How YETI BRUMATE koozie is made?

The production manufacturing processes for a yeti Brumate beer can metal koozie is same as stainless steel insulated water bottle at a China metal koozie insualted water bottle manufacturer supplier “Ecoway Houseware limited“, it is made by the main processes as follow:

  1. Shaping the double walls of stainless steel.
  2. Welding the double walls to join the top edge.
  3. Producing vacuum insulation layer and test 100%
  4. Electrolysis inside of the metal koozie
  5. Polishing the outside surface of the metal koozie
  6. Painting decoration, custom logo, packaging

FAQ: Brumate & Yeti

Brumate koozie is the original metal slim koozie that keeps beer can colder 20x than a neoprene koozie, with selling of Brumate slim koozie and high score from global customer reviews, we can sure Brumate is high-end quality product with great quality products and customer service, now it is also one of the fast growing brand and company in the USA drinkware market, people are loving to buy and enjoy the Brumate products.

Brumate koozie and bottle tumblers are all made in double walls of stainless steel 18-8 which is kitchen food grade and FDA comply, with its great vacuum insulation plus copper shield, all Brumate keeps your drink cold without condensation problem to satisfy your favorite cold hydration drinking.

All Brumate products are double wall stainless steel insulated metal koozie, water bottle, tumbler, cup and mugs, and all of the Brumate Products are Made in China, there’s no Brumate is made in USA, manufacture a stainless steel water bottle or koozie products in USA is 4X more cost and much longer production time than made in China, so no U.S manufacturer can make this products now, that’s why you see the top brands of stainless steel water bottles like YETI, HYDRO FLASK, S’WELL, STANLEY……they are all made in China.

The Brumate slime koozie and bottle does a great job to keep your beverage drink cold for hours with its vacuum insulation plus copper shield of double walls stainless steel, you can put any water beverage into brumate, after hours, it stays cold without lukewarm and condensation at all, you can enjoy the cold drink with your friends in the hot summer days. 

Can you put Brumate in the freezer, the answer is you can free to put Brumate in the freezer, but it doesn’t help to keep your drink colder, the right process to keep your drink cold is: put your beverage in the freeze to make it cold, then put the cold drink into Brumate to keep it cold for a day long to enjoy fresh cold drink anywhere anytime.

Because all the Brumate is vacuum insulated that can stop heat inside the koozie bottle to outside, also stop heat or cold temperature outside to inside, that means when you put the beverage inside the brumate, it will stay the temperature initially for a long time even in the freeze.

The only reason why is Brumate not dishwasher safe is “Brumate only offer a limited life warranty for their koozie bottle products that don’t cover defects as follow:

Paint damage due to improper care, usage, and time

All products with a painted finish should be treated with care

Dropped/dented products

Any other physical damage

Lost products or accessory parts

Damaged packaging

Dishwasher could damage painted finishing of Brumate, that is why Brumate recommend all its products hand washing only, but what would happen if we put Brumate in dishwasher to clean it, take it easy, nothing would happen for few times, the painting might discolor after a long time, but we don’t care that problem after it is being used for a long time, so feel free to put Brumate in dishwasher.

Yeti is a company that specializes in manufacturing high-end coolers. Founded in 2006, the company quickly gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, due to its ability to keep food and drinks cold for long periods of time.

Some people might be wondering if Yeti has a koozie for bottles, and the answer is yes! Yeti offer can cooler koozies for both cans and bottles.

How to develop a new koozie can cooler product?

It’s important to have unique design of metal koozie product when you want to build high-end brand in the market for a long term business, here’s steps to make it happen:

1. R&D engineer to source and collect information from market and competitors, then decide the product design requirements.

2. Designer to work out design sketch drawings

3. Mechanical engineer build 3D drawing and CAD drawing 

4. Make a prototype sample with cnc machining or 3D printing technique to review the design and make modification after sample reviewing.

5. Complete final drawings and start to get quotation of tooling and product unit from suppliers.

6. Choose a professional supplier to build the tooling and production for your new koozie design.

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