Hydro Flask Straw Lid for Wide Mouth Hydroflask Water Bottle

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Hydro Flask Straw Lid For Wide Mouth Hydroflask Water Bottle

The new Hydro Flask straw lid is an easy to use flip straw designed with a high-flow rate and a durable rubber coating to withstand bite marks. It comes with two separate straws that can be cut to fit your wide mouth Hydro Flasks and has a convenient finger loop so you can clip your bottle while on the go. The straw lid is top-rack dishwasher safe and is backed by Hydro Flask’s lifetime warranty. Straw cut guide: Remove 2.5″ off the straw on the 18 oz. wide, 1.5″ on the 32 oz., just a hair on the 40 oz., and one inch off for the 64 oz. Like all Hydro Flask products, the straw lid is both bpa and toxin free. The straw lid fits the wide 12 oz., 16oz, 18 oz., 32 oz., 40 oz. and 64 oz. wide mouth Hydro Flasks. Please note that the hydro straw lid does not fit on the older style wide mouth flasks. To find out which style flask you have and whether the hydro straw lid will fit yours, check out the wide mouth fit guide.

Is the Hydro Flask straw lid worth it?

Customers Reviews on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5;  4,151 global ratings

The new hydro flask straw lid features:easy to drink from; easy to clean; Suction power; leak-proof, and with 4.6 out of 5 stars in total customer rate, that is worth to pay money to buy the hydro flask straw lid to be a replacement cap for your hydroflask wide mouth water bottles.

Why does my Hydro Flask straw lid leak?

Why does my Hydro Flask straw lid leak?

It’s completely leak-proof design for the hydro flask straw lid, but the leaking still happen when using it, Why does my Hydro Flask straw lid leak?

When the straw lid is broken, of course it will have leaking just like any other water bottle caps, water will leak from the broken area, but if you found the straw lid is no broken damage but still leaking, it is because the lid missing a small part which is rubber seal under the straw that can prevent leaking also help water flow smoothly for your drinking, missing the rubber piece part will cause your hydro flask straw lid leaking, you can require a return or replacement from the seller, or you have to buy a new straw lid to stop water leaking.

Does your kid loves to drink cold water from hydro flask but have difficulty to open the lid? Is there any way to drink water easily from a hydroflask water bottle?

You must try the hydro flask straw lid which is suitable for most of wide mouth water bottle and it is build for drinking it from the water bottle without open the lid, that makes your hydration drinking easier, that’s all what a hydro flask straw make for.

The straw come with a hydro flask straw lid is longer than what your need, because it is suitable for different height of hydroflask water bottle, a longer straw that you can choose to cut it into same height of your water bottle, then enjoy cold water drinking easily with hydro flask straw lid without open the the cap.

So the answer is you can choose to cut hydro flask straw or not, make sure it can fits your water bottle is fine.

It’s kind of simple and easy to use hydro flask straw lid, just put the straw to the lid then fit it to your wide mouth hydro flask water bottle, then you can drink cold water from hydroflask directly without opening the lid.

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