Hydro Bottle Flask with Straw

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What is the purpose of a Hydro Flask?

The cost of different surface finish:

The hydro bottle flask is made from double walls stainless steel 18-8 with a vacuum insulated layer between the double walls to keep its water/beer/coffee/food hot 12 hours or ice cold 24 hours up, you can enjoy the hot coffee in cold Winter days or ice cold beer wine in hot Summer days at the beach with your friends and family, different size and custom colours is available, 100% recycle, reusable, eco-friendly for daily hydration drinking.

Are Hydro Bottle Flask worth it?

It does worth to buy a Hydro Bottle Flask with 20$more when you want to have a good quality stainless steel bottle, the average cost of a hydro bottle is 5$ when purchase big volume from a China factory, including shipment cost and customs tax, the cost reach 7$, and sales marketing cost, product development cost etc. it’s fair to have 20$more to have a good quality stainless steel insulated bottle,except for you don’t care about the quality.

With a good quality hydro bottle flask, it is made from 100% food grade stainless steel 18-8, with lead free and non-toxic decoration surface treatment, also eco-friendly custom gift box packaging, you can enjoy ice cold hydration 24 hours more with high quality vacuum insulation and copper lining technique, leaking proof, durable enough etc.

Are there fake Hydro Bottle Flask?

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The big problem is buying a fake Hydro Bottle Flask from the on-line stores or a small shop near by your home, YETI, S’WELL, HYDRO FLASK, THERMOS……you can always see this problem am my bottle is fake?

There’s also many videos or articles to tell you how to identify a fake hydro bottle flask on your hand, from the packaging, texts, logos, caps, quality whatever, you must be kidding me, I only pay 20$ around to buy a water bottle to enjoy my drinking in the morning when I get up from my sweat bed, don’t want to be an expert to know all details, so all these is rubbish.

The only thing you need to know is buying the bottles from official website, official on-line shop, and big shop, not buying cheap one from a place you don’t know it well.

Hydro Bottle Flask with Straw

Hydro Bottle Flask with Straw
Hydro Bottle Flask with Straw 01
Hydro Bottle Flask with Straw 02
Hydro Bottle Flask with Straw 03
Build tooling to make a custom insulated water bottles
custom packaging insulated water bottle

The Hydro Bottle Flask with Straw, is more suitable for adult sports drinking, because it’s straw not made with soft silicone, the straws made from soft plastic over-molding with hard plastic material, the soft plastic straw can not as soft as soft silicone straw; secondly it is no a cover to have dust free, without a top cover, leaking issue is easy to happen especially when with hot drinking water, so it’s recommend to drink with cold water and it is more suitable for adult during sports.

What Ecoway does?

Ecoway Houseware Limited offer one stop solution for custom Hydro Bottle Flask from product concept design, tooling development, trial run production, quality control, mass production to final shipment for global brand customers, you can reach us 7*24 Hours to acquire our instant feedback within 24 hours for any questions & information related to stainless steel hydro bottle flask vacuum insulated tumblers.

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