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Best coldest water bottle hydro flask 32 oz

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Hydro Flask® insulated water bottles keep ice cold drinks stay cold 24 hours up and hot drinks stay piping hot 12 hours up so you can stay refreshed for any adventure, aim at replace single-use
plastics like plastic water bottles and to-go

TempShield double wall vacuum insulation keeps beverages cold up to 24 hours and hot up to 12 hours

Durable 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel construction ensures pure taste and no flavor transfer

Color Last powder coat is dishwasher safe, and your bottle stays slip-free and colorful, no matter where you take it

Ideal size for all-day hydration

BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free

The Hydro Flask is a double walls stainless steel Water Bottle with TempShield cap, that keeps cold liquids chilled for up to 24 hours, while hot liquids remain hot for up to 12 hours, it makes hydrated is easy when you’ve got this portable thirst-quenching travel sports water bottle. Whether you’re headed to the gym or a quick jaunt across town, you can easily take your refreshment with you in this metal water bottle. The simple modern water bottle design is the perfect bike water bottle, water container, insulated cup, travel mug, or water canteen, it’s a big water bottle in an easy to transport container. This vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle is large enough to hold water for the day, yet it fits easily into a backpack, gym bag, bicycle water bottle holder, or car cup holder. Durable 18/8 water bottle stainless steel keeps your favorite beverage fresh and pure, without any leftover flavors or odors, and BPA Free. Make our new dishwasher safe water bottle a part of your Hydro Flask collection. The new powder coating can keep its color and grip through every wash and rinse.

Hydro Flask, the Bend-based maker of stainless steel, vacuum-insulated water bottles first sold at Munch and Music and the Deschutes County Fair, has been acquired on February 29, 2016 for approximately $210 million by a subsidiary of Helen of Troy Limited, a global consumer products company based in El Paso, Texas.

Helen of Troy Limited is a leading global consumer products company offering creative solutions for its customers through a strong portfolio of well-recognized and widely-trusted brands, including: Housewares: OXO®, Good Grips®, Soft Works®, OXO tot® and OXO Steel®; Health & Home: Vicks®, Braun®, Honeywell®, PUR®, Febreze®, Stinger®, Duracraft® and SoftHeat®; and Beauty: Revlon®, Vidal Sassoon®, Dr. Scholl’s®, Pro Beauty Tools®, Sure®, Pert®, Infusium23®, Brut®, Ammens®, Hot Tools®, Bed Head®, Karina®, Ogilvie® and Gold ‘N Hot®. The Nutritional Supplements segment was formed with the acquisition of Healthy Directions, a U.S. market leader in premium doctor-branded vitamins, minerals and supplements, as well as other health products sold directly to consumers. The Honeywell® trademark is used under license from Honeywell International Inc. The Vicks®, Braun®, Febreze® and Vidal Sassoon® trademarks are used under license from The Procter & Gamble Company. The Revlon® trademark is used under license from Revlon Consumer Products Corporation. The Bed Head® trademark is used under license from Unilever PLC. The Dr. Scholl’s® trademark is used under license from MSD Consumer Care, Inc.

We can not find any information on Hydro Flask website or product decoration that where is hydro flask made, but it is clearly to know all hydro flask water bottles are Made in China by its texts information on bottle bottom indicated the water bottle is designed in Bend, OR, Made in China.

Where is Hdyro Flask Made, MADE IN CHINA

The answer is “NO” Hydro Flask Botle made in USA, It’s none of stainless steel insulated water bottle made in USA, because of cost and efficiency issue, also the environment protection regulation in USA is very strict, it’s well known that stainless steel water bottle is reusable & eco-friendly & environment friendly, but its manufacturing process is not that environment friendly, such as electrolysis, copper coating, polishing, painting etc., all these manufacturing processes require enough environment protection to manage no pollution for the planet.

Considering these challenges, it’s impossible to have a stainless steel water bottle made in USA.

where is hydro flask water bottle made

How does hydro flask work? Customer Reviews:

custom insulated water bottles
insulated water bottle cap keep your ice cold water longer

Hydro Flask works very well with its TempShield double walls vacuum seal insulation which keeps cold liquids chilled for up to 24 hours, while hot liquids remain hot for up to 12 hours.

We checked the best seller on Amazon with the Hydro Flask Water Bottle – Standard Mouth Flex Lid, here’s 30,889 global rating and customer reviews by June.01.2021:

Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5
30,889 global ratings
5 star 
4 star 
3 star 
2 star 
1 star 
Top positive review from the United States

Top negative reviews from the United States

1.0 out of 5 stars
I received a dirty, used product!

Reviewed in the United States on March 11, 2018                                                                                           

Size: 18OZ  Color: COBALT Verified Purchase 


What is hydro flask made of?

Hydro Flask is reusable water bottle which made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel to ensure pure taste and no flavor transfer — and the durable construction stands up to whatever life brings., this material is highly resistant to rust and does not need a liner, compliant with California Prop 65 regulations and Title 21 of the FDA Code of Federal Regulations, Non-Toxic, BPA-Free, Reusable, Eco-Friendly.

Lid of hydro flask water bottle is made of Polypropylene plastic resin (5# plastic) 

The Lid of hydro flask water bottle is made of Polypropylene plastic resin (5# plastic) which is FDA-approved for food contact, so you’ll find polypropylene in food containers like those that hold yogurt, cream cheese, and butter products. Because it has a high heat tolerance, it’s also often used in packaging of food that can be heated in a microwave.

What size hydro flask should i get?

What size hydro flask should i get?

The standard mouth hydro flask water bottle, Flex cap and Sport cap with different sizes:

350ml; 12 oz. hydro flask

500ml; 17 oz. hydro flask

600ml; 21 oz. hydro flask

750ml; 24 oz. hydro flask


The wide mouth hydro flask water bottle, Flex cap and Straw cap with different sizes:

540ml; 18 oz. hydro flask

600ml; 20 oz. hydro flask

750ml; 24 oz. hydro flask

960ml; 32 oz. hydro flask

1920ml; 64 oz. hydro flask

Best for kids: the 12oz kids bottle with straw.

Best for beer at camping/party: the 64oz stainless steel growler.

Best for sports running hydration: the standard mouth 17oz with straw.

Best insulation to keep ice cold 24 hours up: the 32oz wide mouth bottle with tempshield cap.

Best for hot coffee drinking: the 18oz wide mouth bottle with flip cap.

You can buy a hydro flask with prices range from 29$ to 65$ in the United States.

12 oz. kids hydro flask: 38.87$

18 oz. flex cap standard mouth hydro flask: 29.95$

21 oz. sport cap standard mouth hydro flask: 35.95$

20 oz. flex cap wide mouth hydro flask: 37.95$

32 oz. flex cap wide mouth hydro flask: 44.95$

40 oz. flex cap wide mouth hydro flask: 49.95$

64 oz. flex cap wide mouth hydro flask: 64.95$

The hydro flask bottles has great vacuum insulation to keep temperature 12 hours hot and ice cold 24 hours up, with tempshield design cap to have strong cold retention performance, here’s details as follow;

1.A TempShield design cap/lid which has double walls for a better heat retention for the bottles to keep ice cold longer.

2.All hydro flask bottles are Powder coating surface which is non-slip, easy to grip with comfortable on hand during running sports activities, and it is more durable, completely dishwasher safe.

3.Lead Free for the whole bottle including of Getter soldering which people usually ignore it but it does take extra cost for manufacturing a lead free stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle

The hydro flask water bottle product unit prices from its supplier in China is range 4.0 $~8.00$ with high volume quantity purchasing, plus shipment cost and customs tax cost, it won’t exceed 5.00$~10.00$, the price you buy a hydro flask 12 oz. to 64 oz. is 29.95$ to 64.95$ in United States, why is hydro flask so expensive?

All of hydro flask water bottles are made from high quality stainless steel 18-8 with double wall vacuum insulation to keep ice cold 24 hours up without condensation, but it’s what other stainless steel water bottles can do the same thing, would you be happy to pay for so expensive price only because it is Hydro Flask®?

Yes, you probably are willing to pay for it, when you drinking with a hydro flask water bottle, you enjoy the ice cold water, worry free toxic issue, also get product and lifetime warranty from Hydro Flask.

Back to question of why hydro flask so expensive, it’s mainly because of the company who own the brand want to conduct its marketing strategy to maintain the brand symbol in a high end market, acquire good profit margin, manage distribution chain, and a long term development. All these elements together will make it so expensive in the market that you can buy a water bottle from Hydro Flask.

In 2020, Hydro Flask updated and re-designed the water bottle to launch 2.0 hydro flask water bottle, let’s take a look to see what’s the difference between the 1.0 hydro flask & 2.0 hydro flask?

The difference between 1.0 and 2.0 hydro flask

For a cleaner look, newly 2.0 hydro flask water bottle feature a smaller logo and no Registered Trademark Symbol® by the logo and wordmark.

Also the top bottle mouth of the metal bottle, 2.0 version Hydro Bottle has a mirror finishing area on the top of the bottle mouth, others including of the powder coating, vacuum insulation, raw material, cap, decoration is completely same between the 1.0 and 2.0 Hydro Bottle Flask.

Are you willing to pay more money to buy a more expensive Hydro Flask Bottle 2.0 with minor difference?


Hydro Flask Production Manufacturing Processes

How is stainless steel canteen made
Play Video about how is stainless steel canteen made

Hydroflasks water bottles are made from double walls of stainless steel 18-8, the inner bottle and outer bottle join and welding together on the top and bottom, then produce a vacuum insulated layer between the double walls to stop heat conduction from outside to inside, or inside to outside, therefor it can keeps your drink cold for all day long in a hot Summer season.

All the manufacturing processes at the hydro flask manufacturer is no much difference, same production processes, same production machinery, and same production technique, but what makes difference between different brands of insulated water bottles?

The answer is “Design” and “Details of manufacturing requirement”, the unique design of hydro flask water bottle “tempshield” lid plus high-end requirement of manufacturing, these bring high end quality of hydroflask water bottles to keep your water cold for 24 hours up.

Both Yeti water bottle and Hydro Flask water bottle is made from double walls of high quality stainless steel 18-8 which means they are equal quality level, but what’s the difference between Hydro Flask and Yeti to see which one water bottle is better?

1.Sizes and shape is no much difference, both have from 12oz to 64oz to choose.

2.Color is no much difference, both have variety of beautiful colors.

3.Bottom: Hydro Flask water bottle doesn’t have bottom cap which need to purchase extra booster to protect from accident dropping; Yeti water bottle has bottom which make it more durable.

4.Threads on bottle mouth: Hydro flask water bottle has its threads on the outer shell of bottle mouth, easy to clean; Yeti water bottle has its threads on the inner shell of bottle mouth, better for sealing to keep water cold and hot longer time.

5.Lids: Hydro flask water bottle design a Tempershield double walls construction lid to keep ice cold long time; YETI water bottle design a double seals inside the water bottle mouth to keep ice cold long time.

6.Weight: when with same sizes, YETI water bottle has more weight than Hydro Flask water bottle.

Both YETI and HYDRO FLASK keeps water cold 24 hours up and lifetime warranty, you can check the the difference between the two water bottles to purchase with your preference.

You can buy hydro flask water bottle from its official website or an authorized dealers from lists:


Whatever you want to set up a water bottle business to have your own private brand like “Hydro Flask water bottle’ with existing design water bottle products in the market, or you want to create a unique custom design water bottle with your private brand for a long term business, you can contact a China stainless steel insulated water bottle supplier like “Ecoway Houseware Limited” whom is specialized in water bottle oem manufacturing from concept design, tooling development, mass production to final shipment to help you working from “0” to market.

Hydro Bottle Flask made with double wall stainless steel 18-8 (SUS304)which is food grade, BPA Free, Toxic Free, corrosion resistance, with a vacuum insulated layer between double wall eliminate condensation from inside to outside to keep ice cold 24 hours up with sweat free, here’s the details to know the manufacturing processes at the stainless steel manufacturer factory how the Hydro Bottle Flask made……read more.

1.Body Production: 1.raw material → 2.shaping of outer cup and inner tank → 3.welding getter on the bottom piece → 4. copper lining on the surface of inner tank (optional) → 5. welding to join the outer shell with inner tank together → 6. ultrasonic cleaning → 7. vacuum producing (test vacuum 100% first time) → 8. electrolysis → 9. polishing (test vacuum 100% second time) → 10. decoration (painting, powder coating, water transfer, heat transfer printing, laser engraving, silk-screen printing etc.)

2.Cap/Lid Production: 1. plastic raw material → 2. injection molding → 3. assembly

3.Assembly and Packaging: 1. confirm packaging requirement per PO → 2. prepare all parts → 3. cleaning dust → 4. inspect parts → 5. assembly bottle body and cap → 6. add sticker or label → 7. on-line 100% inspection → 8. pack into gift box → 9. pack into carton box → Finish

  1. Purchase raw material
  2. Cutting stainless steel tube
  3. Shape forming with water swelling ( or deep drawing forming)
  4. Cutting into 2 pieces
  5. Mouth forming with threads
  6. Matching and welding the mouth of stainless steel flask (the out wall and inner wall join together then do Laser welding)
  7. Welding the bottom cap and with an attachment of Getter 
  8. Vacuum process inside the vacuum machine around 4 hours to create vacuum insulated layer between the double walls stainless steel
  9. Vacuum Test (measure the stainless steel vacuum flask is good quality or faulty on vacuum insulation) 100%
  10. Electrolysis for the inside of the stainless steel vacuum insulated flask (it can clean the dirty to have nice surface, also create a layer on the inner surface to have good corrosion prevention)
  11. Inspection of electrolysis quality 100%
  12. Polishing the surface of outer wall of the stainless steel insulated flask
  13. Inspection of Polishing quality 100%
  14. Vacuum insulation test 100% second time
  15. Decoration (spray painting, powder coating, water transfer painting, heat transfer printing, logo printing or laser engraving etc.)
  16. Assembly with caps, cleaning, inspection, packaging
  17. Out going final QC inspection

When you need to create a custom design stainless steel water bottle, you should need to know How Much does it cost for manufacturing? and what can affect the cost?

In this situation, you are in right place here that we Ecoway Houseware Limited can help you to find out the important thing you should know about Stainless Steel Water Bottle Manufacturing prices costs.

The stainless steel water bottle cost can be vary different depending on what is your custom parts design and the order quantities. 

There are some basic information of stainless steel bottle pricing you need to know. For example, product design cost it will begin when you set up the project even it’s not start production; the material not only affect the quality also it is the main cost of your custom bottle products; the order quantities could affect a lot of the whole cost, and affect the shipment cost for your water bottle products;

You also need to think about:

  • The timing of your order
  • The cost of using surface treatment
  • Labor costs
  • Any additional cost such as packing cost, shipment cost

To understand more, let’s take a look at each of the things that affect Stainless Steel Water Bottle pricing [……read more]

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