How to undent a hydro flask?

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It would have small or big dent on a hydro flask water bottle when it accidentally drop on the hard floor, it’s not only damage the beauty of a hydroflask bottle, also could damage its vacuum insulation properities to cause not keeping cold for a long time anytime. Let’s see what is inside a hydro flask to figure out why it happen?

So as you can see there’s a space between the double walls of stainless steel, which is a vacuum space that can stop heat conduction from inside to outside, also outside into inside, to keep temperature inside the hydro flask water bottle at a steady temperature.

How to undent a hydro flask?

When you got big dent on a hydro flask that cause its vacuum space damage, so people want to know if can fix the dent on a hydro flask, the answer is “NO”, you can read the article to know why we can’t fix dent on a metal hydroflask.

Solutions for undent hydroflask

There are couples simple solution for undent a hydroflask, check these out:

1. have a soft fabric sleeve bag, that can easy to protect your hydro flask away from dent.

neoprene water bottle sleeve carrier cover tote bag for your water bottle



2. have a soft silicone sleeve, that also help to undent your hydroflask water bottle.

  How to undent a hydroflask water bottle

3. have a soft base sleeve, can stop 70% dent happen on your hydro flask water bottle

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