How to spot a fake yeti rambler 30 oz

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YETI tumbler is expensive to buy, Nobody wants to buy a fake YETI tumbler with so much expensive price, and the fake products can not get product warranty from YETI.

So how to spot a fake yeti rambler 30 oz?

Steps of spot a fake YETI Rambler Tumbler Cup

One of the reason why we buy YETI Rambler Tumbler is because it is expensive and high end brand tumbler, and the fake yeti rambler tumblers usually are manufactured lower cost from its manufacturer and sell much cheaper price to attract people to buy it.

If someone really want to spot a fake YETI Rambler Tumbler, you should buy a real one from authority shops then compare the difference step by step between Real YETI Rambler vs Fake YETI Rambler.

STEP 01: Remove the packaging box and label stickers, weigh the Real YETI RAMBLER, then weigh the Fake YETI RAMBLER, the real YETI Rambler must be heavier than the fake one, because YETI use most thick steel material to make its tumbler and it is very durable but heavier than other tumblers in the market, 

STEP 02: check the quality of YETI RAMBLER Tumbler lid, you can easy to see the difference between Real YETI TUMBLER LID and Fake YETI TUMBLER LID, the real tumbler lid is with high transparent and frosted YETI logo, it is made by high quality high transparency very durable Eastman Tritan material; Fake yeti tumbler lid doesn’t have so much frosted YETI logo, it is usually made with low quality AS plastic material; you can also weigh the TUMBLER LIDS to see if any difference, because different raw material made tumbler lids much have big difference, and YETI Tumbler Lid is heavier than Fake YETI Tumbler Lid.

STEP 03: check the quality of sticker labels between Real YETI RAMBLER and Fake YETI RAMBLER, you can easy to spot fake yeti rambler tumbler, the fake yeti rambler tumbler looks low quality cheap material made sticker labels, fake is fake, they don’t so much care about their quality with details, so usually use low quality sticker label.

STEP 04: check the embossing logo of YETI on the rambler tumbler, the embossing logo is made by tooling, fake YETI RAMBLER not focus on details that you can spot a fake YETI RAMBLER from its embossing logo on the tumbler side and bottom.

In summary, you need to have a real one YETI RAMBLER TUMBLER on hand, or it would be difficult to spot a fake YETI RAMBLER TUMBLER, that’s always same rule to spot a fake brand product “you need to know how the real one looks like then you can spot a fake one”

If you only want to buy a stainless steel tumbler for your cold beer drink in the hot Summer days, no need the YETI brand logo on it, you can reach a China professional tumbler cup manufacturer like “Ecoway Houseware Limited” that can manufacture cheap but high quality stainless steel tumbler with your custom color and logo for bulk orders.

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