How to clean stainless steel bottle?

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How to clean stainless steel bottle?

It’s recommend to clean your stainless steel bottle by hand washing as you should get the tips when you bought a bottle, but it is also dishwasher safe with non-coating or good quality coating stainless steel water bottle, here’s how to clean your bottle as follow:

Hand Washing to clean your bottle:

01. Prepare a soft brush and dish soap

02. Disassemble all parts including of bottle lid, seal gaskets, bottle body

03. Washing every parts with dish soap and water (better to use warm water), clean inside of your bottle with soft brush

04. Stay dry then cleaning done

Dishwasher Clean:

01. Confirm the coating on the surface of the stainless steel bottle is durable, usually require blank without any coating or with powder coating for the bottle

02. Disassemble all parts to make sure all parts are separated

03. Wash it inside the dishwasher together what other tableware you need to wash together

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