How To Clean Hydro Flask, Straw Lid?

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how to clean hydro flask, straw lidHow to clean hydro flask, straw lid

Follow the simple maintenance steps below to effectively maintain the durability of your hydro flask water bottle

*Before first use:*

Wash your vacuum flask insulated water bottle and lid with hot water and soap.

*You should not:*

1. Put the hydro flask bottle in the dishwasher or soak the flask in hot water: the dishwasher may become hot, affecting the insulation of the flask and discoloring the powder coating. Likewise, immersing the entire flask in hot water will discolor the powder coating.


2. Put the hydro flask in the refrigerator: Due to the double-layer vacuum insulation, the internal liquid will be protected from the temperature in the refrigerator, so it will not condense. If you want a cold drink, put ice cubes in the flask and be aware that it takes a long time to melt!


3. Place the hydro flask on the stove: Due to the double-layer vacuum insulation of the flask, the outdoor temperature will not change the temperature of the internal beverage. If the flask is placed on any type of stove or heat source, the heat will damage the outside of the flask.


4. Soak the hydro flask with standard lids, wide-mouth lids and flat lids or put them in the dishwasher: the lid will absorb water after being immersed in the dishwasher or in the water for a certain period of time. We recommend rinsing with hot water and soap and drying.


5. Use bleach or chlorine to clean hydro flask water bottles. These chemicals will destroy the stainless steel coating and therefore should not be used on our products.

*You should wash hydro flask, straw lid:*

1. Use a soft bottle brush to clean the hydro flask. You can buy cleaning accessories from amzon or other shops and use the bottle brush cleaning kit as often as possible, it’s better to clean hydro flask water bottle every time after you drink coffee, beer or juice, and clean it once a day if you use the stainless steel water bottle everyday.

2. Use white distilled vinegar for cleaning: You can use household white distilled vinegar to help remove any stains or discoloration inside the hydro flask. We recommend putting 1/2 cup of vinegar in the flask, swirling gently to wash any affected parts and letting it sit for overnight. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat if necessary.

3. Use baking soda for cleaning: For stubborn spots inside the flask, mix 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda with a small amount of warm water to form a scrub. Dip the bristles of the bottle brush into the paste, and then apply the paste to the affected area inside the flask for cleaning. This should be repeated as needed until the stain disappears.

4.The Hydro Flip lid and the wide mouth hydro flask straw lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher. If you wash it by hand, the lid may last longer, but if you need to clean it deeply, it’s okay to use a dishwasher.

How to clean hdyro flask, straw lid?

Although the tips from Hydro Flask above, and other articles that not recommend to wash hydro flask water bottle or other stainless steel insulated water bottles with Dishwasher, because it might affecting the vacuum insulation of the bottles and discolor of the surface of the bottles, is that real?

We as a China manufacturer factory of stainless steel insulated water bottle, producing 3,000,000 pcs more metal water bottle like hydro flask, yeti, swell, thermos bottle per year, we know the manufacturing process and technique how to make the vacuum insulation for the metal water bottle, the vacuum insulation creating process requires condition of over 572℉ & 4 hours to create the vacuum insulation for the metal bottle, how could hot water inside dishwasher can cause poor insulation of the hydro flask water bottle, it doesn’t make sense at all, and not Not in line with science, so put your hydro flask and other insulated water bottle into dishwasher and start to wash it if you want to do it, no big deal.

It does will discolor of your hydro flask water bottles with dishwasher for a long time, but only slightly discolor, we don’t think this could stop us to using dishwasher to clean our hydro flask water bottle, except you are really enjoy to wash the water bottle by hand daily.

Other tips that how to clean your hydro flask water bottle, is not much different from the video and other articles to tell:

1. Washing the hydro flask water bottle by hand is recommended, when wash your water bottle by hand, you better to have a bottle brush to help you out, clean the water bottle with a bottle brush and warm soap water.

2. You can worry free to wash your hydro flask bottle with dishwasher too, do it as simple as you wash other tableware.

3. Wash your hydro flask water bottle with SODA or White vinegar when there’s rust or Stubborn stains, you can read article of how to clean stainless steel water bottle.

4. Clean your hydro flask straw lid with dishwasher, disassemble the straw and valve from the straw lid, then put all parts inside the dishwasher to clean it.

You might have more idea or experience to clean a hydro flask water bottle, just leave your comments here to let us know!

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