How often should I wash my Hydro Flask?

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How Often Should I Wash My Hydro Flask?

How Often Should I Wash My Hydro Flask?

When your hydro flask water bottle doesn’t have odor smell or rust, every time you drink out of beverage such as wine, milk, tea, juice, you should wash it with tap water ASAP,  and you should wash your Hydro Flask 1~2 times weekly with a soft bottle brush, warm water with soap to clean inside and outside of your hydroflask bottle, and don’t forget to wash the gasket & hydro flask straw lid completely. Or Your Hydro Flask might be rust or become smelly.

how to clean hydro flask to remove rust inside the bottle

For some reasons, your hydro flask water bottle may got rust inside of the bottle, or it becomes metallic smell, How to wash it to get ride of rust and metal smell?

Hydro Flasks are made from food grade stainless steel, so they should not have a metallic taste at all. You can try our cleaning method by letting hot baking soda water soak in the flask for 24 hours, then hot vinegar water soak in the flask for 24 hours.

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