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What happens to you when drink 4 liter of water per day?

4 liter of water is equivalent to 16 large cups. At first sound, I think it’s a lot, but when I calculate it carefully, 60% of the human body is fluid, every day you lose water through your breath, perspiration, urine and bowel movements, and then I feel that it makes sense to get such volume water in order to keep my body function normally.

In one day, if a person drinks 4000 ml of water, the following situations may occur. Of course, this is an experiment. I consulted with a doctor before the experiment. Anyone who wants to drink more water must consult an expert in advance.

What happens to you when drink 4 liter of water per day?

01. May feel bloated at first

If you drink plenty of water all of a sudden, you will feel full and uncomfortable at first. Don’t worry, this feeling will disappear soon, but during this period, you should not drink a lot of water at once, but drink slowly from morning to night to minimize the uncomfortable feeling.

02. Frequent peeing all day long

The stomach is swollen and uncomfortable. In order to get relief, the body will excrete the retained excessive sodium through urine. The frequency of shit is also more regular, because the body’s digestive function is better. In addition, the belly will flatten out! And what other benefits are there? Going to the toilet constantly indicates that a person’s activity volume must have increased during this day.

03. Food intake may decrease

03. Food intake may decrease

Nutrition experts suggest that taking a glass of water before meals makes sense. Doing so increases the person’s sense of fullness, so they won’t eat more food, thereby reducing calories.

4 Physical exercise is better

04. Physical exercise is better

Water helps transport oxygen and glucose to all parts of the body, so you have more energy during physical exercise. In addition, water is a lubricant for human joints and muscles. 2 hours before exercise, be sure to drink plenty of water, drink water every 20 minutes during the exercise, drink water immediately after the exercise, to ensure that the body is adequately hydrated.

05. Under-eye bags finally disappeared

05. Under-eye bags finally disappeared

Bags under the eyes are usually caused by water retention because this area is very fragile. No matter the reason is that the diet is too salty, or the heart is crying in the middle of the night, sodium is easy to accumulate there. Drinking plenty of water will help to wash away the excessive salt from the whole body and will eliminate the puffiness including the bags under the eyes.

06. People would want to drink more water

The more you drink, the more you want to drink more water. If you drink water less, you will want to drinks else that are not good for you. Fortunately, water easy to get everywhere, it is pure, as the above evidence shows, it is absolutely best for the human body.

How many bottles of water should i drink a day?

People always wondering how many bottles of water should drink a day, here’s answer:

 The doctor and nutrition experts advise an adult men should drink around 15.5 cups (3.7 liters≈126 ounces) of water a day, and an adult women should drink around 11.5 cups (2.7 liters≈ 92 ounces) of water a day.

These recommendations cover fluids from water, other beverages and food. About 20% of daily fluid intake usually comes from food and the rest from drinks. If the amount of physical activity is high, or the ambient temperature is high, then should drink more water appropriately to keep your body functional properly.

Using your urine color as your guide can be more helpful to know if you’re drinking water enough.

Except for the first pee in the morning, a pale yellow or clear urine indicates a sufficient amount of water for your body!

Using your urine color as your guide can be more helpful to know if you're drinking water

How Many Ounces (oz) in a Water Bottle

Now you are aware of drinking enough water is good for your body healthy, surely want to start to drink pure water everyday from now on. Do you know that how many bottled water you should drink a day? 

Well, the most reusable water bottles in USA are around 17 fluid ounces (oz.) ≈500 ml, because it is easy to handle and carry on the go, fits with most of car holder. Hence you should drink water fluid with 4 to 8 water bottles or 2 half gallon hydro jug water bottles a day to keep your body to be functional properly.

If you are struggling with plain water, now you can try Cirkul Water Bottle which can add your favorite flavor water to help you drink more water everyday.

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