How do stainless steel insulated bottles keep water cold

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Single wall & double wall stainless steel bottle

How do stainless steel water bottles work?
What is vacuum insulated water bottle made of, how it works

Single wall water bottle is lightweight

  •  A single wall stainless steel bottle is lightweight due to being NON-double wall insulated, there’s millions of single used plastic water bottle being throw away everyday that cause huge plastic pollution for our planet environment, we everyone absolutely want to do our own contribution to save plastic use, and considering the stainless steel is completely Toxic free, BPA free, and reusable, hence it’s good choice to buy a single wall stainless steel water bottle for daily use to replace single used plastic water bottle.

Double wall insulated bottle keeps water cold

  • Double wall stainless steel water bottle is with a vacuum layer between the double wall which can keeps water cold for up to 24 hours and keeps hot for up to 12 hours. During the hot Summer days, when you are playing on the beach or riding on the road or camping living, all around you is hot energy, you desperately desire to drink a fresh ice cold water whatever, a vacuum insulated water bottle can help on you anywhere anytime you want to have a ice cold drink in any environment, you are no need to face the struggle with a lukewarm bottle of water on a hot day. Here’s how it works, the vacuum insulated layer between the double walls can stop cold or hot energy transfer from inside of the vacuum flask bottle to outside to keep same temperature initially it is, because air or any energy can’t be transfer in a vacuum environment.

Standard mouth & wide mouth bottles

standard mouth stainless steel bottle
spray painting hydro flask bottles

Standard mouth bottle

  • Standard mouth bottle size is usually 2.35 inch ~2.75 inch bottle body, and with around 1.50 inch (40 mm) width opening mouth for drinking.
  • The advantage of standard mouth bottle is easy to grip for kids or females with one hand operation.
  • from 6oz, 9oz, 12oz, 15oz, 17oz, 20oz, lightweight for easy to take it on the go and fits all of car holder.
  • With small mouth bottle that means less ice cold energy escape from the bottle mouth that you can have better cold preservation performance and keeps water cold longer with standard mouth stainless steel bottle.

Wide mouth bottle

  • Wide mouth bottle size is usually 3.5 inch bottle body, and with around 2.50 inch width opening mouth for drinking.
  • The advantage of wide mouth bottle is easy to clean and easy to add ice block.
  • from 18oz, 24oz, 28oz, 32oz, 40oz to 64oz, big volume with different options to take it in camping living or long distance travel.
  • With bigger volume that you can have more ice cold water inside the bottle and keep water cold longer than small stainless steel bottle.

To learn How do stainless steel insulated bottles keep water cold, you can see there’s double wall stainless steel with a vacuum insulated layer between the double walls to prevent ice cold water inside the bottle get warm up to 24 hours especially in a hot days, when an insulated bottle has copper shield that would help to improve 10~15% cold or hot preservation performance based on our tests in different design stainless steel insulated bottles, and bottle size and cap designs also has impact for a stainless steel bottle keep water cold, to understand more techniques please reach our product support team at

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