How Can I Customize a Water Bottle? How to Make Bulk Custom Water Bottles

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How Can I Customize A Water Bottle? How To Make Bulk Custom Water Bottles

Custom a personalized water bottle for school students, for sports team, for a company……, you can see there’s verity of needs to make custom water bottles, but how we can customize a water bottle?

Individual custom water bottle

You may only want to customize a water bottle for yourself as a nice gift, or only a hobby to have fun, how to customize a water bottle on your hand?

  1. you can buy any sticker labels to customize water bottle, that is simplest and lowest cost to start, it’s easy to get different design stickers and you can replace it after while freely.customized water bottles with stickers

  2. you can a shop nearby you that can offer laser engraving service, which is easy to make any customized picture and logos on you water bottle, it is permanent that you should know it, yCustom Water bottles with engraving

How to custom water bottles in bulk

The process steps to start custom water bottle in bulk with a professional custom water bottle supplier like Ecoway Houseware Ltd, keep reading:

  • Choose the favorite water bottle.
  • Confirm the custom logo, color, picture graphic, size, placement.
  • Confirm the quantity of custom water bottle in bulk
  • Confirm the set up cost and production lead time
  • Confirm the sample payment cost and payment.
  • Confirm the bulk custom water bottle payment term and shipment.

All these steps and information you should process step by step to confirm all details before you start to payment for custom water bottles in bulk, it will affect the cost and timing to finish the order, also it is a key to help you to win your business.

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