How are stainless steel cups made?

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What is stainless steel cup?

Stainless steel cup is made with stainless steel 18-8 which has single wall and double wall types, with 6oz to 64oz different sizes to meets your different needs such as water drinking, beer, coffee, soda etc.

What's the difference between single wall and double walls?

What is a wine tumbler cup?

The single wall stainless steel cup for water, beer, coffee drinking at anywhere, but it touch hot or cold outside and can not keeps hot or cold for slow drinking.

double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel wine tumbler

The double walls stainless steel cups which has a vacuum insulated layer between the double walls to keeps ice cold and hot hours for your drinking anywhere.

  1. Purchase stainless steel raw material
  2. Cutting stainless steel tube
  3. Shape forming with water swelling ( or deep drawing forming)
  4. Cutting into 2 pieces cup
  5. Mouth shape and size forming (may need threads)
  6. Matching and welding the mouth of stainless steel cups (the out wall and inner wall join together then do Laser welding)
  7. Welding the bottom cap and with an attachment of Getter 
  8. Vacuum process inside the vacuum machine around 4 hours to create vacuum insulated layer between the double walls stainless steel
  9. Vacuum Test (measure the stainless steel cup is good quality or faulty on vacuum insulation) 100%
  10. Electrolysis for the inside of the stainless steel vacuum insulated stainless steel cups (it can clean the dirty to have nice surface, also create a layer on the inner surface to have good corrosion prevention)
  11. Inspection of electrolysis quality 100%
  12. Polishing the surface of outer wall of the stainless steel insulated cups
  13. Inspection of Polishing quality 100%
  14. Vacuum insulation test 100% second time
  15. Decoration (spray painting, powder coating, water transfer painting, heat transfer printing, logo printing or laser engraving etc.)
  16. Assembly with caps, cleaning, inspection, packaging
  17. Out going final QC inspection
How is stainless steel canteen made
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