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YETI yeti.com (formerly YETI Coolers) is an Austin, Texas-based outdoor consumer goods company. With luxury products including high-end coolers, stainless steel drinkware, and branded apparel, YETI is the classic American entrepreneurial story. It was founded in 2006 by Roy and Ryan Seiders who were serious outdoor enthusiasts frustrated by the cheaply built coolers available on the market. These two brothers found a need in the market, set out to fill that need, and ended up with a very successful business model.  We recently spoke to Blake McHenry, VP of Talent at YETI, about some of the company’s unique successes and challenges.

1. Where is yeti tumbler made?

All yeti tumblers are made in China manufacturer factory, it all because more than 90% stainless steel tumblers are made in China, including of s’well, hdyro flask, hydro jug, klean kanteen, thermos, stanley cup etc., China manufacturer have huge advantage of raw material cost, production efficiency, manufacturing engineering, and have advantages when compare with most of coutries, such as labour cost, quality management, English communication, services etc.

where are yetis made,yeti tumbler made in china

When you know YETI tumblers and cups are indeed manufactured in China, while YETI coolers are proudly made in the USA. It’s important to note the distinction between the origins of these products, as some consumers may prioritize buying American-made goods. Understanding where your YETI drinkware is produced can help inform your purchasing decisions based on personal preferences and support for USA domestic manufacturing.

2. Materials of Yeti Tumblers

All yeti tumblers are made from stainless steel 18-8 for its tumbler body, and Eastman Tritan with Polypropylene for its tumbler lid.

All these raw materials are food contact grade which is toxic free, bpa free, 100% FDA comply.



3. How Yeit Tumbler Water Bottle works

All yeti tumblers are double walls stainless steel and rely on its vacuum insulation properities to keep cold drink cold and hot drinks hot for a long day, it works no difference with other vacuum tumbler and insulated water bottles, so you can’t have much higher expectation for its vacuum insulation “cold retention” than others.

How yeti bottle works

4. Why it so expensive

Yeti tumbler is expensive, because you not just buy a high quality product and its product warranty, also you buy a product with good reputation and well-known brand, a yeti tumbler with production cost at its China manufacturer factory is around 5$~6$, others are shipment cost, tax, distribution cost, marketing cost, profit margin etc.

5. Purchase Alternative of Yeti Tumblers in Bulk

If you don’t want to pay for a expensive price to buy yeti tumbler, that you can buy other brands tumbler which would be no much difference, just check its material, product warranty, custom reviews before you pay money.

If you want to buy tumblers which has same quality with yeti tumbler but cheap price in bulk, you can reach a China manufacturer like Ecoway Houseware Limited to start your purchasing with a cheap wholesale price.

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