Does water go bad in a Hydro Flask?

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Does water go bad in a Hydro Flask Bottle

Do Water Go Bad in a Hydro Flask? The water won’t go bad in a Hydro Flask for year if it is filled with pure water and closed the cap of the bottle, see what Krogh says:“Of course there can’t be much organic matter in the water, which there isn’t in the water most Norwegian homes have on tap. As long as it’s been contained in a closed bottle that doesn’t let any substances into the contents it can keep for years without becoming dangerous to drink,”  

How Long Is Water Good For in a Hydro Flask

How long is water good for in a Hydro Flask?

Hydro Flasks are all made by double walls of stainless steel 18-8 with vacuum insulation plus TempShield to keep your ice cold water as good as for 24 hours up in Hot Summer season, with a hydro flask, you can enjoy fresh ice cold water without lukewarm taste issue at the beach or camping outdoor living for a full day long.

Why does water in my Hydro Flask smell bad?

  • Question: I have horrible taste with my hydro flask that smell badly! I didn’t have it when I first started using the bottle, but now after a few washes and use, I can’t even use it anymore the taste is so bad!
  • Answer: Hydro Flask does made with 100% food grade FDA comply raw materials of stainless steel 18-8, but the bottle and water does get smell badly if you didn’t clean it completely after drink out of beverage, such as milk, juice, tea, cola etc.; This problem happen only because after you drink the liquid, microorganisms (bacteria) will multiply in it, there will be some microorganisms at the beginning, for couple days or longer period, it will reproduce from generation to generation, and their metabolites will have a variety of flavors. So how we can remove these metallic taste from our hydro flask bottle? 
Therefor, the water in your hydroflask smell bad doesn’t mean you can not keep water good in a hydro flask, it was caused poor washing cleaning for your water bottle, that you can solve the smell problem by cleaning your stainless steel hydroflask water bottle appropriately.

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