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Does dropping a Hydro Flask ruin it?

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Does dropping a Hydro Flask ruin it?

The Hydro Flask water bottles are more and more popular, especially for outdoor adventure or camping life.

My favorite 32 oz stainless steel insulated water bottle and I took it to go everywhere since I had it a year ago.

But it is much heavier than a plastic water bottle or aluminum water bottle, that my hydro flask dropping on the floor or car accidentally couple times, then I researched – does dropping Hydro Flask ruin it or damage its vacuum insulation property?

The answer is YES, dropping a Hydro Flask bottle does have chance to ruin it.

Keep reading to learn more about what can happen if your hydroflask water bottle dropping?

1. Dropping hydro flask on sofa or carpet, Wooden floor

That would no hurt or no damage when your hydro flask dropping on sofa or carpet, wooden floor, it would only can get a small dent or dirty on your water bottle.

So when your kids holding a hydro flask at home or room that usually have wooden floor or carpet, no need to worry it, but don’t let your kids to drink hot water directly from a hydro flask, this is not safe.

2. Dropping hydro flask on hard floor or stone

That could much chance to get a big dent on your hydro flask which also affecting its vacuum insulation property, because all Hydro Flask are made with double walls of stainless steel, that a vacuum space layer between the double walls, a big dent would cause the two walls have contact together which means its vacuum insulation will getting poor, and it would no longer can keep your cold drink 24 hours up, maybe only couple hours, that’s one of the main reason why your hydro flask stop working to keep ice cold for a full day long.

Why did my Hydro Flask stop working

Can I  fix a dent for my hydro flask to save my money to buy a new one, this is not a good option that usually waste your time to do that.

How we can protect our hydro flask bottle when dropping?

It’s easy to protect your hydro flask water bottle when dropping, because most of big dent would happen on the bottle base that we only need to add a hydro flask boot to protect the bottle, you can be worry free for your hydro flask and save money to buy too many new bottles.

What Does A Hydro Flask Boot Do?

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