Debunking the Myth: Is There Lead in YETI Cups?

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Understanding the Material Composition of YETI Cups

YETI cups are known for their durability and quality, thanks to the materials they are made of. Understanding the material composition of YETI cups, particularly their lead-free stainless steel 18-8 construction, is crucial for consumers looking for a reliable and safe drinkware option.

Stainless steel cups like YETI are popular for their resistance to corrosion and ability to maintain beverage temperatures. The lead-free stainless steel 18-8 used in YETI cups ensures that your drinks remain free from harmful contaminants while also providing a long-lasting and robust construction.

The strictest lead restriction applicable to YETI’s stainless-steel Rambler® Drinkware is the Extractable (Leachable) 21 Elements that includes all heavy metals of concern along with lead for Metals and Alloys in Food Contact Material and Articles. To meet this requirement, YETI Rambler® Drinkware is again frequently tested at a 3rd party accredited lab by COE Resolution CM/RES(2013)9. When YETI Rambler® Drinkware is tested, lead is not detected. The limit of detection is <0.002 mg/kg (ppm).


The Truth about Lead Presence in YETI Cups

While it is true that lead can be found in the manufacturing process of YETI cups, consumers need not worry about lead exposure when using these products. The lead content typically comes from the vacuum sealing bead or solder used in Yeti cups manufacturing production.

YETI takes strict measures to ensure that their products are safe for consumer use, and they comply with all relevant safety regulations. The lead content present in YETI cups is well cover that would no lead exposure risk to consumers.

It’s important to understand that while there may be trace amounts of lead in YETI cups during the manufacturing process, these levels are considered safe for everyday use. Consumers can continue to enjoy their YETI products with peace of mind regarding lead exposure.

lead content in vacuum sealing solder

YETI’s legendary thermal performance and durability utilizes vacuum insulation in YETI’s double-wall stainless steel Rambler® Drinkware. To achieve this standard, a small sealing bead (pellet), or solder, is used. The sealing bead contains lead in its composition, but it is fully encapsulated and inaccessible. The use of lead in the composition of a sealing bead to achieve vacuum insulation in double-wall stainless steel drinkware is common practice in the industry. YETI takes product safety very seriously, especially as related to possible exposure to lead. For this reason, YETI’s Rambler® Drinkware is robustly designed to fully encapsulate the sealing bead to prevent any direct lead exposure. All of YETI’s products also undergo extensive testing to confirm the durability of the product and to ensure this encapsulation will last throughout the life of the product.


Yeti Cups and Tumblers are known for their robust design and high-quality construction. While it is true that the vacuum sealing bead in all Yeti cup and tumbler products contains lead in its composition, it is essential to note that the lead is fully encapsulated within the product. This means that there is no direct exposure to lead when using Yeti’s Rambler® Drinkware.

The encapsulation of the sealing bead in Yeti cups ensures that consumers can enjoy their beverages without any risk of lead exposure. This design feature highlights Yeti’s commitment to providing safe and reliable products for their customers.

It is important for consumers to be aware of the materials used in the products they purchase, and in the case of Yeti cups, while they may contain lead in certain components, rest assured that measures have been taken to prevent any direct exposure, making them a safe choice for everyday use.

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