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Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottle Wine Tumbler in Bulk with Variety Options

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Custom water bottles are an excellent way to promote your company. They also make a great gift for clients, employees, and potential clients.

Custom water bottles are a great way to introduce your company’s name to the public and they also serve as a promotional item. The cost of custom water bottles is usually around $5-$10 per bottle depending on the size, shape, and material you choose.

There are many different types of materials that can be used for custom water bottles. The most common materials include plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, glass and even bamboo.

01. Custom Water Bottle Plastic

Plastic water bottles are one of the most common container for storing and transporting water. They are durable, light-weight and inexpensive.

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a plastic water bottle is its material. The most commonly used materials are PP and TRITAN. PP is lightweight, has a less transparent and less durable as TRITAN. HDPE has high transparency and high durability but it can be a bit heavier than PP water bottle if the bottle has a large capacity.

02. Custom Water Bottle Hydroflask Stainless Steel

A custom water bottle hydro flask is a good choice if you want to promote your company. This type of bottle is made from stainless steel and it has double-wall vacuum insulation which is great for keeping your drink cold or hot. It also has wide mouth opening which makes it easy to drink from and it comes with a built-in straw.

The second option for promotional items is custom water bottles stainless steel with logo, these hydroflask water bottles keep your water cold for 24 hours with high quality but they are higher cost than plastic water bottles.

How much of custom water bottles in bulk

How much of custom water bottles in bulk

Custom water bottles in bulk are inexpensive which range from $5 to $15 per water bottle product also including of customization cost and shipment cost, it is an excellent choice for any event. They can be used as a giveaway at conferences, or as a promotional item at corporate events.

With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to decide which custom water bottle in bulk is right for you. There are 5 main things need to know before you make purchasing decision with a custom water bottle supplier

  • 1. The material type of water bottle
  • 2. The quantities of bulk water bottle
  • 3. The customization requirement
  • 4. The time you want to receive these water bottle
  • 5. The budget you have

When you have all these informaiton together, that will help you to less time and cost to communicating & working with suppliers for your custom water bottle project, quickly find a right supplier and buy a good products. 

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