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Custom Stainless Steel Water Bottle Wine Tumbler in Bulk with Variety Options

About us

Our circle water bottles are innovative and sustainable water bottles that are made of recycled materials, including of recycled plastic and stainless steel. Our goal is to make the world a better place by using less single-used plastic and reducing pollution in the environment.

The Circle Water Bottle is not your average water bottle. It comes with an innovative design that makes it easy to drink from and clean, while also being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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Type of circle water bottle

There are 3 main types of circle water bottle that is popular in the market to meet your different needs:

1. Glass water bottle, it is suitable for milk, soda, alcohol drinking, 100% safe to drink with any liquid due to no any chemical reaction with glass material, the disadvantage is glass water bottle easy to break even using some soft sleeve protection.

2. Plastic water bottle, it is lightweight, durable, and could be recycled, the most of reusable plastic water bottles are made with polypropylene or Tritan which are comply with FDA food contact grade regulation.

3. Stainless steel insulated water bottle, it has double walls of stainless steel plus vacuum insulation properities which can keep you water cold without condensation for 24 hours up, it is recycled and environment friendly that is more and more popular in the world due to people want to use less plastic to have less environment impact.

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