Can you put coffee in a S’well bottle?

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what we can put in a s'well bottle
what we can put in a s’well bottle

What we can put in a S’well bottle?

In a short term such as 1 hour, you can put any drinking liquid in a S’well bottle you want to have, no matter beer, coffee, milk, soda, juice, tea whatever, it will keep it hot 12 hours up and ice cold 24 hours up for your favorite drinking in any season.

In a long term such as over 24 hours or even more longer time, it’s better only keep pure water or beer wine in a S’well bottle, not recommend to put milk, soda, juice, tea in a stainless steel bottle in such a long time, especially juice, milk which the smell will appear in next day due to bacteria breed inside the bottle.

Can we put coffee in a s’well bottle, the answer is Yes for sure, you can put hot or cold coffee in a s’well bottle to take it on the go without worry leaking, condensation issues, but do not remember to wash it after drink coffee, or would rust or smell will appear.

  1. you can wash the bottle with a soft brush and warm water by hand washing.
  2. you can put swell bottle into dishwasher to clean it
  3. keep the bottle and cap separated, and stay at a drying environment in your kitchen.

So don’t be over worry when your stainless steel swell bottle smell, wash it completely and keep it dry, the smell will be disappear, more information you need, you can reach [ us ] for support.

Can swell bottles hold hot water?

Yes, you can free to hold hot water with swell bottle, with its good vacuum insulation that keeps hot water 12 hours up for your daily drinking, and high quality stainless steel 18-8 food grade material without any toxic issue, BPA Free, FDA comply completely.

Are Swell bottles leak proof?

Yes, swell bottles are leak proof with a soft silicone made seal on the cap to have 100% sealing without leaking issue to get wet your bags on the go, you are worry free to have swell bottle with hot or cold water liquid to go anywhere.

How long does a swell bottle last?

Swell bottle can keep hot water 12 hours up and ice cold water 24 hours up in normal environment condition, usually we don’t so much long time to have hot or cold drinking in a day, you won’t feel any special on it. But it does condensation free with hot or cold water.

Can you put ice in a swell bottle?

Yes, you can put ice in a swell bottle just like you put any other liquid in it, swell bottle won’t have condensation issue with its triple vacuum insulation and keeps ice cold 24 hours up.

Do swell bottles get moldy?

Swell bottles will get moldy if you did not wash it inside completely with water and soft brush, especially after drinking with milk, juice.

How often should I wash my swell bottle?

You should wash your swell bottle every time after drinking with coffee, milk, juice, soda or other water liquid, and keep it at a dry environment just how your other stainless steel products in your kitchen, or it will have rust, moldy issues to get your sick.

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