Are any stainless steel tumblers made in USA?

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Are any stainless steel tumblers made in USA?

Stainless steel tumbler: 

A stainless steel tumbler which has double wall stainless steel 18-8 with vacuum insulated layer to keeps your beer cold hours and coffee hot hours, it’s getting hot popular since YETI tumbler become hot selling in USA market in 2015.

Where stainless steel tumbler made?

Most of stainless steel drinkware brand in the USA, and the hard cooler brand companies, they all have stainless steel tumbler product line for selling.

Is there any of these brands made the stainless steel tumbler in the USA?

We checked all the famous brand including of YETI, Hydro Flask, Thermos, S’well, Klean Kanteen, Camelbak etc., They all have design in USA but made in China or Malaysia, Japan.

The answer is no stainless steel tumbler made in the USA.

Why not made in the USA?

The raw material of stainless steel , now China has the biggest production output for stainless steel material to have competitive cost.

Lack of skill manufacturing engineer and workers, the stainless steel manufacturing production rely on a lots workers and experience engineer support, although automation equipment can replace workers but it needs big investment at the beginning and big volume order quantities support the constant production.

Strict environment policy, the stainless steel tumbler is reusable, environment and eco friendly, but the manufacturing processes related to plating, electrolysis, and polishing, painting, all these manufacturing processes has pollution which is impossible to have manufacturing facility in the USA

In summary, it’s impossible to have stainless steel tumblers made in the USA, because of the labor, cost, efficiency, environment, even it is not made in China, still will made in other countries, not made in the USA anyway.

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