5 tips made stainless steel water bottle tumbler

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1. Understand what people need of a stainless steel bottle in your target market

Different markets have different needs of a stainless steel bottle tumbler, different functions, different shape, different drinking lid, different colors and graphic.

01 5 tips made stainless steel water bottle tumbler

2. Find a problem and made solution to fix it by your water bottle design

Target a problem what people really bothering when they having their stainless steel bottle tumbler at home & office or on the trip, such as easy grip, touching feeling, big volume, better cold preservation etc.  After address problems, find a solutions to fix by redesign the bottle tubmler.

The cost of different surface finish:

03. Tell a good story why you build your brand of the water bottle

We can see different story what a stainless steel water bottle brand to tell in the market, create a reusable water bottle to protect the environment is the basic story we need to tell, establish relationship with non-profit organization is second step, build a symbol of your brand, your water bottle tumbler is the key when people hear your brand name, see your water bottle tumbler product image anywhere

Are any stainless steel tumblers made in USA?

04. Sharing and sharing your stainless steel water bottle image in different ways

Advertising does important, except for that, we have many different social channels to let people love to sharing our water bottles by create news, story, a fashion images, got to know why and what people love to share

05 5 tips made stainless steel water bottle tumbler

05. Find a reliable stainless steel bottle tumbler supplier

It’s not only prices, also quality, delivery, service, technique, a professional oem manufacturer can help to improve the designs and save the costs at the beginning of building the stainless steel bottle, get to know more information, please reach to Ecoway Houseware Limited

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